[microsound-announce] TRANSIENT LAPSE, site-specific sound installation in The Hague [30 Jun - 7 Jul, 2012]

pablo sanz pablo at 20020.org
Tue Jul 3 07:38:27 EDT 2012


Juan Cantizzani – Pablo Sanz

Site-specific sound installation

A shifting aural topography based on the daily rhythms and the resonant 
architecture of a pedestrian and cyclist tunnel. The sound changes over 
a twenty-four hours cycle, interacting with the existing soundscape and 
movements of passersby. Exploring the threshold of perception, the work 
aims to induce a switch of focus, a momentary lapse in the urban transit 

30 June – 7 July 2012

Tunnel Lekstraat-Schenkkade, Binckhorst
The Hague, The Netherlands

location map, flyer and more info :

Acknowledgments: Justin Bennett, Vincent de Boer, Angel Faraldo, Ed 
Jansen, Jane Huldman, Silvia Janoskova, Hans Latenstein, Aukelien & 
Niels Leerentveld, Ronald Scholtens, Jelleke Truijen, Yolanda Uriz, 
Mascha Vandekuinder, Edwin van der Heide, Lex van den Broek and Anne 



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