[microsound-announce] Goodiepal: El Camino del Hardcore (ALKU 83) and more

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Thu Aug 30 09:23:44 EDT 2012

In preparation for the coming end of the world, we are releasing a ton of
Today we are incredibly proud to announce the release of 3 new ALKU

*Goodiepal: El Camino del Hardcore (ALKU 83) *
192 page book, full colour.
You may already heard about this. The most anticipated publication of our
first BOOK, and an amazing work by the Goodiepal. Theory, illustration,
conversation, scores within scores...

*EVOL: Right Nightmare (ALKU 117)*
Limited edition purple vinyl 12". Ships September 9!
Two new tracks of blasting impossible rave music, and 20 (yes, twenty)
locked groove remixes by multidisciplinary artist and noise master Russell

*Mark Fell in collaboration with Jonathan Howse: Scale Structure Synthesis
(ALKU 97)*
Limited edition blue vinyl LP + 3 inserts. Ships September 9!
A collaboration between Mark Fell and Dr. Jonathan Howse, a leading
nanoscientist based in the Department of Chemical and Biological
Engineering (Sheffield).

For further info on all of these, see:

Spread the word and have a nice day!
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