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17.08.12 ::: RAM.07
Join us at RAM-K77 ·  Salon Bruit:
RAM · Monthly series at K77 Kino co-curated and hosted by Audition Records
& Salon Bruit.
http://auditionrecords.com/ram.php -  http://salonbruit.org/events/ram7-k77

Series #07 | 17.08.2012


Anaïs Tuerlinckx (BE)  ::: broken piano ::: http://soundcloud.com/mrs-ana-s

Anaïs Tuerlinckx “is a pianist from Brussels, born in 1986. She moved to
Berlin in 2008, interested in the local improvised music scene. Tending to
a rather physical and expending way of playing, her performances are
characterized by a decidedly harsh and noisy but at the same time elegiac,
breezy and spacious sound. She likes to get involved in public spaces
proposing inside piano activism out of the concert space and also teaches
improvisation within the scope of music pedagogy.”

“Composition : I will perform an open graphic composition in which the
choreographies of my hands and body will be developed organically with the
inner world of the broken piano.”

Liz Allbee (US)  ::: trumpet ::: http://www.lizallbee.net/

Liz Allbee’s work spans many genres, most often encompassing improvisation,
electronic composition, noise, weird pop, minimalist/maximalist brawls, and
experimental rock. She enjoys collaborations. She primarily works with
trumpet, conch, electronics, and voice.

the Great Nordic Sword Fights (US) 3d & Motion Graphics [ screening ] :::

Music: L´ espirit de l´ escalier (1:47 min). Work based on “Pour en finir
avec le jugement de dieu” by Antonin Artaud. Composition by JORGE SAD (AR)
& Gest(u)alt Ensamble. Samples from ANTONIN ARTAUD. (Modisti/Audition

The Great Nordic Sword Fights today direct videos, installations, fashion
and visual voyages into a sometimes serious and a lot of times nonsensical
marriage of interactive technologies and visual motion experiences. “We are
a multimedia story-teller involved from concept to product. We explore the
now and predict the future.”

The Great Nordic Sword Fights have been featured in XLR8R, MTV Playground,
FADER, LA Record, LA Weekly, Rhizome, New Puppy Gallery, i[s]o Magazine,
Friends of Friends Records, Scheld’apen (Belgium), 2Pause (NL), LA Music
Video Fest, and other conquerings here and there on the world wide web.

Location: K77 -Lichtblick Kino- | SALON BRUIT BERLIN

Kastanienallee 77.
10435. Prenzlauer Berg
Doors open at 22.00

http://auditionrecords.com/ram.php · http://salonbruit.org/events/ram7-k77

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