[microsound-announce] Cambrian Suite 0.9.1 released

Wayne Jackson kasjonc at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 13 16:10:22 EDT 2012

Hi All,

Based on some feedback that I've received so far and my own experiences trying to use the software, I've released an update to the Cambrian Suite audio synthesis software (beta version 0.9.1) which you can download for free after registering at the darwinarts.com web site.

In addition to bug fixes, some limited optimization, and a little flurry of bug fixes, this version includes several feature enhancements, including:

  - Midi map defaults for the Renderer display panels
  - Midi map template capabilities
  - Lots of parametric control of evolved patches
  - Ability to map parameters (and Midi CCs) to route scalars
  - A "Quick Start" guide for building your own patches with Marella

I used the evolved patches shipped with this release at yesterday's microHausen performance, in which I took the audience with me on an impressionistic journey to mars where Edgar Rice Burroughs figured more prominently than reality.  I have to say that along with giving some nice crisp glitch, the evolved patch approach sometimes unintentionally simulates classic analog quite well!  Once I have a chance, I'll post some excepts of these and other sounds on the Darwin Arts web site, along with the patches that created them.

swjackson at darwinarts.com

PS:  Yes, an OSX port is still very much in the works...once I can afford a Mac Laptop.
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