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Sat Aug 11 13:12:58 EDT 2012

Dear all,
For once -  but maybe not for last - I am going to ask quite explicitly for your help.

In a couple of weeks time, with the mighty DIKTAT we will cross the Atlantic and embark there on a short American tour. It will take us to perform (at least) in Allentown, Washington DC (where we will appear at the awesome Sonic Circuits Festival) and (twice) New York. As you will be well aware, that's a pretty costly enterprise for a no-budget fringe-fringe outfit like ours. To help us cover the costs of our stay, including (but not limited to) car-rental, gasoline, toll, parking tickets, vegan salads, hamburgers and beer, we decided to try our hands at some DIY crowdfunding.

You can read all about that in the latest - almost 10th anniversary - edition of the SoundBlog, in which moreover I demonstrate (for your education and amusement, and with the help of some ideas borrowed from Venkatesh Rao, convincingly, though admittedly maybe not fully conclusive) why our illustrious quartet is the happening future of rock 'n' roll, be it somewhat outside of the Manufactured Normalcy Field... 

Indeed. If this were the 1960's, DIKTAT'd be the fucking Ronnettes ...!

...# Now read 'Diktat outside/inside the Manufactured Normalcy Field' : http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00787.php
# Or jump in directly and spend your money on : http://soundblog.bandcamp.com/album/d-i-k-t-a-t-in-berlin
# Then follow the mighty DIKTAT to the US of A at http://twitter.com/diktat_us...
May your sleep be healing and eternally peaceful


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