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an update on the latest & forthcoming activities of Marinos Koutsomichalis:

Public Performances/Exhibitions

09-11.03.2012 Athens, Greece 

'DownTime: Post Domestic Fiction' (collaborative interactive installation for microcontroller, hacked appliances, computer-generated audio) @ Frown Tails. Curated by Maria Varela.

31.03.2012 Athens, Greece 

Improvised set with Tania Sikelianou (violin) and myself (EMS VCS3) @ Cabaret Voltaire. Curated by Nikos Harizanos. 

05.04.2012 Athens, Greece

Live Audiovisual performance @ Knot Gallery. Curated by Marinos Koutsomichalis. Other artists: participants of the CMRC course on electronic music and sound art.

04.05.2012 Stockholm, Sweden

Live 17.4 audio and Light performance (new work - world premmiere) @ Audiorama. Curated by Robin McGinley.

05.05.2012 Stockholm, Sweden

Spatialization of Xenakis' 'Legende d' Eer'  @ Audiorama. Curated by Robin McGinley.

11.05 - 17.06 2012 Thessaloniki, Greece

'Arbitrariness' (interactive installation by M.Paschalidou; software developement by M. Koutsomichalis, sound design by M. Manousakis) @ the Thessaloniki Center of Contemporary Art.

19-20.05.2012 Syros, Greece

'Downtime: post-domestic fiction' (collaborative interactive installation for microcontroller, hacked appliances, computer-generated audio) @ Kokona buriti 84. 


19.05.2012 Syros, Greece

Talk @ the University of the Aegean, faculty of Product and Systems Design Engineering.


23.04-09.05.2012 Stockholm, Sweden

Residency @ EMS - Elektronmusikstudion.

26-28.05.2012 Mt Taygetos, Greece

Environmental recordings for the soundscapes/landscapes project.

thx for the support and stay tuned !

more info and links @ www.marinoskoutsomichalis.com

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