[microsound-announce] my last weekend live PA (the recording of)

max tanguay maxbleu at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 16 18:16:54 EDT 2012

bonjour à tous!

here's the recording of my live PA i played last saturday at the CCCLTD live04 evening (in quebec city)... 

loops humbly mixed live in ableton / 6 channels / glitches here and there but you get to have an idea of what i do. 

sounds like deep & moody, glitch experimental techno duby stuff and all that

stream & DL.. hope you enjoy!



hope you enjoy! peace out / max

the host: www.cccltd.ca
the venue: www. le cercle.ca

net label : pertin-nce.ca
me : soundcloud.com/bleupulp
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