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Browsing through the web you can read about Darius Ciuta as professional architect or an(other?) interesting sound artist come out from Kaunas, Lithuania, and going on with his peculiar skill to give to the compositions suggestive structures and rarefied atmospheres. These few lines could definitely fit with Darius Ciuta, if superficiality is already enough for you. Actually is not easy at all to contain, with simple words, Ciuta and his work in a definition and you’d need more than a mindful listening even just to try to do it. With the publication of IIN we want to give you chance to explore his fascinating and complex world, a journey through a timeless and spaceless land, a sound novel narrated by Ciuta who, in spite of his being an architect, in the compositional structures seems to tend to the complete disintegration of elements of the Acousmatic music, rebuilt togheter in a new form of aural path through imaginative environments. A continuous alternation of silences, thin rumbles, pauses and irruptions led by almost ectoplasmatic dynamics, which perfectly reveal the geometrical balance between the involved sound objects with their delicacy. A dimension in which particles and details become main components and main components seem, from time to time, to bring themselves on a hypothetical background, apparently overshadowed but actually still clearly present. Now you are maybe wondering how is possible not to find negative aspects to bring out from this album. Well, effectively there’s a one: you only have the time that’s sufficient to sell out the limited number of copies, if you want to make yours this excellent work. And in your place we wouldn’t miss it.

Official Release Page http://www.nephogram.net/release-announce-npg014-darius-ciuta-iin/

Official Purchase Page http://shop.nephogram.net/npg014-darius-ciuta-iinii

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