[microsound-announce] From this week on my radio show will be aired on 3 great radios, playlists for JET FM // Nantes tonight + RADIO CAMPUS // Grenoble tomorrow

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Fri Apr 6 09:08:09 EDT 2012

BiP_HOp Generation on JET FM  //  Nantes
Friday April 06  : 20:30 - 21:30 PM


BiP_HOp Generation on RADIO CAMPUS  //  Grenoble - 90.8 FM
Saturday April 07  : 20:30 - 21:30 PM

Web : http://www.campusgrenoble.org/
Streaming : http://live.campusgrenoble.org:9000/rcg112.m3u

"ALBUM"  (label)

Joy As A Toy: dead as a dodo
"Dead As A Dodo" (Cheap Satanism)

Golden Disko Ship: electrocuting an elephant
"Prehistoric Ghost Party" (Klangbad)

Live Footage: sometimes
"Plays Jay Dee" (Self Produced)

Live Footage: stakes is high
"Plays Jay Dee" (Self Produced)

Slicnation: lymz
"Aarktica: In Sea Remixes" (Silber)

AU: solid gold
"Both Lights" (Leaf)

Jesus Is My Son: heroism et désespoir
"1914 - 1918" (Cheap Satanism)

Eivind Opsvik: youth hopeth all things, believeth all things
"Overseas IV" (Loyal)

Hag: moist areas
"Moist Areas" (Eh?)

Laurent Jeanneau: vietnam remix (extract)
"Kink Gong Remix Series" (PPT/Stembogen)

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