[microsound-announce] April 7th at LIEBIG12, Berlin: VALERIO TRICOLI w/ URSULA SCHERRER- ANTOINE CHESSEX - DJ JD ZAZIE

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**LIEBIG12  **- Liebigstr. 12 Berlin, *Friedrichshai*n

Saturday April 7th 2012 - Doors 20:00

*URSULA SCHERRER AND VALERIO TRICOL*I: Live Video and Sound Performance
*JD ZAZIE *on the mix

Kindly Supported by PRO HELVETIA

The poetic quality of *Scherrer*'s work reminds one of moving paintings,
drawing the viewer into the images, leaving the viewer with their own
stories, transforming a landscape into a serene, abstract portrait of
rhythm, color and light, where the images have less to do with what we see
then the feeling they leave behind. Ursula Scherrer is a swiss video artist
and photographer living in New York City. Her work has been shown in
festivals, galleries and museums internationally. She has worked with
composers/musicians such as Shelley Hirsch, Michelle Nagai, Flo Kaufmann,
Kato Hideki, Domenico Sciajno, Monya Pletsch, Michael J. Schumacher, Marina
Rosenfeld, Andrea Valle, Tetsu Inoue among others, in the creation of video
and sound installations, live performances and single channel videos.
Together with Katherine Liberovskaya, Scherrer organizes OptoSonic Tea in
New York, a series dedicated to the convergence of live visuals with live


Valerio Tricoli* is a Berlin-based composer, improviser, sound installation
artist, producer, sound engineer and curator bridging musique concrète and
conceptual forms of sound with a radical interest in how reality,
virtuality and memory relate to each other during the acoustic event. He
mostly uses analogue electronic devices (reel-to-reel tape recorders,
synthesizers, microphones, light effects, ultrasonic speakers). The
structure of the setup is ever-changing however, seeking multiple relations
between the performers, the device and the space in which the event takes
place. He is one of the founders of 3/4HadBeenEliminated and the Bowindo

Antoine Chessex* is a composer and sound artist born in 1980 in Vevey,
Switzerland, with a background as a saxophone player and performer. His
sonic researches include compositions for ensembles, solo works,
transdisciplinary collaborations and sound installations . Chessex´s works
are based on the exploration of the physicality of sounds and spaces. His
solo works feature dense layers of sustained pitches reacting with the
architecture of the space or massive clouds of amplified sax resulting in
intense live actions in total immersion in the sound. He has presented his
works worldwide and appears at numerous international festivals and venues
in the U.S.A, Russia, Japan, China and all around Europe. Recent
compositional works include "DUST" for 3 violins and electronics
(commissioned by Pro Helvetia), "Resonant Water" a site specific piece for
acoustic ensemble, "Metakatharsis" commissioned by the Phoenix Ensemble in
Basel (2011), "CHUTE" commissioned by the Kammerensemble Neue Musik Berlin
(2011) as well as numerous electronic music pieces. Collaborations with
musicians like Lasse Marhaug, Zbigniew Karkowski, Maja Ratkje, Chris
Corsano, Jerome Noetinger, Ilios, Valerio Tricoli, C. Spencer Yeh, Axel
Dörner, Hans Koch, Robin Hayward, Thomas Ankersmit, Lucio Capece, Dave
Phillips, Kasper Toeplitz, Burkhard Beins, Monno, Didi Bruckmayr, architect
Christian Waldvogel and media artist Ulrike Gabriel.

JD Zazie* is an italian sound artist and recordist based in Berlin. Coming
from a DJ and a radiophonic background, JD Zazie has explored over the
years different approaches of real-time manipulation on fixed recorded
In her work she redefines DJ and electroacoustic activities.
As a solo performer, in small groups or large ensembles she moves in an
area which is constantly stretching the borders of what is supposed to be
DJ mixing, free improvisation and composed music.



Liebigstrasse 12 - 10247
Berlin - Friedrichshain
U5 / M10 > FrankfurterTor
*Liebig12.wordpress.com <http://liebig12.wordpress.com/>*
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