[microsound-announce] Kim Cascone: 'The Knotted Constellation (fourteen rotted coordinates) '

Kim Cascone kim at anechoicmedia.com
Thu Jul 28 13:13:29 EDT 2011

Kim Cascone
The Knotted Constellation (Fourteen Rotted Coordinates)
(mono 039) CD

1. The Knotted Constellation 32.47

about The Knotted Constellation
(Fourteen Rotted Coordinates) :
The Knotted Constellation is a cinematic sound narrative that moves
the listener through a series of auditory fields. Each field is separated
with 'digital black' thereby framing or bracketing the 'rotted
coordinates' - each one a point on a decayed map of a dystopian
This release is an admixture of field recordings from around the
world, surreal collage techniques and synthetic sounds derived from
digital audio tools 'The Knotted Constellation' allows the listener to
lose themselves in the territory and not merely the map of their
darkest imagination.
With contributions by C. Spencer Yeh (Burning Star Core), Lithuanian
sound artist Darius Èiuta and Berlin-based circuit bender Guido
Henneböhl among others.

Kim Cascone has a long history involving electronic music: he
received his formal training in electronic music at the Berklee College
of Music in the early 1970's, and in 1976 continued his studies with
Dana McCurdy at the New School in New York City.
In the 1980's, after moving to San Francisco and gaining experience
as an audio technician, Cascone worked with David Lynch as
Assistant Music Editor on both Twin Peaks and Wild at Heart.
Cascone left the film industry in 1991 to concentrate on Silent Records, 
a label that he founded in 1986, transforming it into
the U.S.'s premier electronic music label.
At the height of Silent's success, he sold the company in early
1996 to pursue a career as a sound designer and went to work
for Thomas Dolby's company Headspace.
After a two year stint at Headspace he worked for Staccato
Systems as the Director of Content where he oversaw sound
design using algorithmic synthesis for video games.
Since 2001 Kim has been touring Europe performing,
conducting workshops and lecturing on post-digital aesthetics
in sound art...
Kim has released more than 30 albums of electronic music
since 1984 and has recorded/performed with Merzbow, Keith
Rowe, Tony Conrad, Scanner, John Tilbury, and Pauline
Oliveros among others.
Cascone is the founder of the microsound list which focuses on
issues concerning post-digital music and laptop performance
(http://www.microsound.org) and his writing has been
published in Computer Music Journal (MIT Press), Artbyte,
Contemporary Music Review, Soundcultures, Parachute
Journal, Junk Jet and Geometer.

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