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*Joe Gilmore*

*Object Permanence / Amodal Completion (*25' 27'')

4 x Meyer UPM-1 speakers and computer-generated sound.

Leeds College of Art & Design, Leeds. 20-31 October 2008

Binaural recording by Phill Harding.  Headphones recommended.

*PDF Link*: http://bit.ly/phSQtj

*Release link*: http://www.**reductivemusic.com/<http://www.reductivemusic.com/>

*Object Permanence / Amodal Completion* is a generative audio installation
consisting of four speakers and real-time computer generated sound.

The installation is controlled by a computer, which synthesizes and diffuses
sounds around the space in a variety of combinations and geometric
configurations using an automated set of rules or procedures.

Object permanence is the understanding that objects continue to exist even
when they cannot be seen, heard, or touched. Amodal completion is the term
used to describe the perception of the whole of a physical structure when
only parts of it affect the sensory receptors.
Commissioned by Leeds College of Art & Design / Lumen.
The original file of the recording is published in *reductive music*.
Available on the website.





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