[microsound-announce] A half year of 10-seconds-per-day. Audio diary 2011

HarS' Sound Chronicles hars7 at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 27 04:14:15 EDT 2011

** Halfway: reflections on 'Seventy Seconds', my 10-seconds-per-day autobio fieldrecorded sound diary for the prime year 2011: http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00768.php#00768a
Listen to the first half year of the diary, complete and unabridged, as the 10th episode of Radius, experimental radio broadcast platform based in Chicago IL:http://theradius.tumblr.com/episode10**
"No, it's not over yet!"--warm greetingsHarold Schellinx--follow: http://twitter.com/soundblog

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