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Open Call For Sound Artworks:::McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music
Festival 2011
The curatorial team for the McNeill Street Pumping Station New Music
Festival 2011 wishes to open a call for two distinct types of sound work,
sight specific performance and recorded composition. The theme of the
exhibition is “Architectural Explorations in Sound” in response to the
pumping station house where the festival will take place and the wealth of
acoustic information to be gleaned from the brick, glass and iron within the
interior of the space.

The McNeill Street Pumping Station, located near downtown Shreveport on the
banks of Cross Bayou, is Shreveport’s original waterworks. The first water
plant facilities, including steam-driven pumps, were installed on the site
in 1887 as part of the construction of Shreveport’s first municipal water
system, which was only the second such municipal system in the entire state.

We are looking for artists and musicians for whom the relationship of sound
and space are central to their practice. We are not as much interested in
compositions and performances that apply themselves arbitrarily to the space
as we are interested in artists whose work is inextricable from the context
within which it is performed and/or written. The dialog that we want to
engage in deals with the ephemeral within the acts of exploration and
meditation upon the spaces that we inhabit and what information sound can
give us about those spaces. If you have ever “played a building”, created a
microphone array to capture silence in an enclosed space, or live
synthesized the sounds of a brick and iron smokestack creaking in the wind
we invite you to submit a proposal.

August 1st, 2011

Performance Category:::
-In reference to the thematic information above, send the best
representative original sound work or segment of an original sound work no
longer than 10 minutes in length.
-You may also send us links to sound works or video documentation of
performances currently online. Please prepare it for review as above,
nothing in excess than 10 minutes will be reviewed for entry.
-Include title, date, and (maximum) 250 word description of the submitted
-Please send work made within the last two years

Listening Category:::
-In reference to the thematic information above, send two to three samples
of original sound works or segments of original sound works no longer than 8
minutes each.
-Include title, date, and 250 word descriptions of all works
-Please send works made within the last two years

Requested information to include with all proposals:::
-Artist biography (500 words max)
-Artist statement (500 words max)
-Curriculum Vitae

You may send proposal materials to:::
MSPS Curatorial Team
1810 Market Street
Shreveport, Louisiana 71101

Via email:::
submit.msps at gmail.com




Read more: http://modisti.com/11/members/robpeterson/#ixzz1SNp0ZgpW

I bow to the economic miracle but what I want to show you are the
neighborhood celebrations-chris marker (sans soleil)
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