[microsound-announce] World Listening Day recording drop event

Eric Leonardson info at mwsae.org
Sat Jul 16 12:23:24 EDT 2011

Hello, this is an invitation from Professor Bryan Pijanowski:

The Soundscape Ecology Project at Purdue is sponsoring a World Listening 
Day (July 18, 2011) recording drop event. We invite the public, amateur 
sound recording specialists, acoustic ecologists, bioacousticians, etc. 
to visit our web site and submit a short soundscape recording.  We will 
collect information on your soundwalk experiences, soundscape 
descriptions and (optionally) contact information. Google Gazetteer tool 
will associate your recording with a lat,long coordinate so that we can 
map these soundscapes recordings. We plan to have the site active 
Sunday, July 17th through July 24th , 2011 (for dropping recordings). 
Recordings should be no longer than 3 mins. We will accept recordings of 
any standard audio format (although .wav format is preferred).

You can learn more about our soundscape ecology work at:
_www.purdue.edu/soundscapes_ <http://www.purdue.edu/soundscapes>
_www.human-environment.org_ <http://www.human-environment.org>

*The url for the World Listening Day Ubimark site is:*

*FYI: This site will be undergoing development through Sunday morning 
(July 17th) so any files uploaded are not likely to be saved.* You can 
still upload the location of the recording and send the sound file via 
email at ubimarkinfo at gmail.com ...

- Bryan
Bryan C. Pijanowski
195 Marsteller Street
Department of Forestry and Natural Resources
Purdue University
West Lafayette, Indiana 47906
(765) 496-2215 (phone)
(765) 496-2422 (fax)
Director, Purdue's Environmental and Ecological Engineering GAANN Program
co-Director of Partnering for Land Use Sustainability (PLUS)
Director, Human-Environment Modeling and Analysis (HEMA) Laboratory
Associate Editor, Journal of Land Use Science
www.human-environment.org <http://www.human-environment.org>
www.purdue.edu/soundscapes <http://www.purdue.edu/soundscapes>

Eric Leonardson, President
American Society for Acoustic Ecology
Founder, Midwest Society for Acoustic Ecology
Executive Director, World Listening Project
Email:info at mwsae.org
Skype: worldlistening
Mobile: 773-342-5012

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