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Diapason gallery for sound and intermedia

882 Third Avenue (between 32nd and 33rd Street)
10th Floor
Sunset Park, Brooklyn
Info: 718.499.5070 | www.diapasongallery.org

Subway: D, N, R to 36th Street/4th Avenue
Bus: 35, 37, 63, 70


*Sound Works by 21 Contemporary Colombian Artists*

**Curated by Ricardo Arias**

**With participating artists: **
**Rodolfo Acosta, Ricardo Arias, Mauricio Bejarano, Carlos Bonil, Beatríz
Eugenia Díaz, Jaidy Díaz, Adriana García, Roberto García Piedrahita, Carlos
Gómez, Pedro Gómez-Egaña, Julián Jaramillo, Catalina Peralta, Daniel Prieto,
Juan Reyes, Jaime Rojas, Ana María Romano, Juan Sebastián Suanca, Fabián
Torres, Alba Fernanda Triana, Leonel Vásquez, Icaro Zorbar*

Saturdays, September 4, 11, 18, and 25
2 - 8PM



Live Performance*
*Thursday, September 2


*With Ricardo Arias and Carlos Gómez*

$7 suggested donation

Curated by Col*o*mbian electroacoustic composer and improviser *Ricardo
Arias,** Vociferous: Sound Works by 21 Contemporary Colombian Artists* presents
an overview of the current state of sound art in Colombia. It is the first
exhibition of its kind to be presented outside of the country, and one of a
few recent curatorial initiatives to bring together sound works by artists
from a variety of disciplines such as electroacoustic music, video art,
sound installation art, and sound sculpture. One of the virtues of the term
“sound art,” however vague and undefinable it might be, is precisely that it
allows for such a grouping together of apparently disparate practices.

*Opening: September 2, 2010*

Carlos Gómez and Ricardo Arias started working together in 1988 in Barcelona
where Gómez was a frequent guest performer with Sol Sonoro, an
electroacoustic improvisation ensemble formed by Arias, Roberto García and
Catalan guitarist and composer Luis Boyra. At roughly the same time they
formed the proto-rock duo &NiL (which soon turned into a trio with the
inclusion of García) and they collaborated regularly in ad-hoc projects
until the mid 1990’s. In October, 2009 they renewed their musical
collaboration with an appearance in the Phonos Concert Series that
inaugurated the new performance space at the Universitat Pompeu i Fabra in

*Installations: September 4, 11, 18, 25*

Electroacoustic music in all its different guises has a relatively long
history in Colombia. It is not surprising, then, that over half of the
artists in *Vociferous* have developed their work, to a greater or lesser
degree, within the electroacoustic music tradition: they are Mauricio
Bejarano, Juan Reyes, Roberto García, Catalina Peralta, Julián Jaramillo,
Daniel Prieto, Ana Maria romano, and Fabián Torres. Alba Fernanda Triana is
a composer who, having studied composition and electroacustic music is now
focusing her work on Interactive computer installations with specially
designed and constructed sculptural interfaces. Carlos Gómez and Beatríz
Eugenia Díaz are both trained as musicians and artists and for many years
have experimented at the intersection of the two disciplines. Pedro
Gómez-Egaña has an interest in improvisation, video and performance art.
After studying composition and electroacoustic music, for the past 24 years
Ricardo Arias has primarily been devoted to experimental improvised music
using unconventional instruments.  Carlos Bonil, Jaidy Díaz, Adriana García,
Jaime Rojas, Juan Sebastián Suanca, Leonel Vásquez, and Icaro Zorbar are all
visual artists with a marked interest in sound and are part of the first
generation of Colombian artists that could be labeled “sound artists.”

There is a bird called *Lipaugus vociferans* that can often be heard (but
rarely seen) throughout the Amazon Basin. This bird sings quite loudly and
persistently and its song is among the most characteristic sounds of the
Amazon rainforest. The males gather roughly in concentric circles (leks) so
that the spatial effect of their collective utterance is akin to that of a
multichannel, plurifocal piece of music/sound art. This, and the fact
that *Lipaugus
vociferans* are found in Colombian territory, added to the sonority of the
word, explain the main title of this show: Vociferous.

*Ricardo Arias*

Ricardo Arias has experimented with sound for the last 24 years, mainly as
an improviser and composer. He uses unconventional instruments and found
objects as sound sources for his work and since 1992 has focused almost
exclusively on the balloon kit, a number of rubber balloons attached to a
suitable structure and played with the hands and a set of accessories,
including various kinds of sponges, pieces of Styrofoam, rubber bands, etc.
Using this contraption as his main instrument, he collaborates with a large
pool of experimental and improvising musicians from around the world,
including Mazen Kerbaj, Jane Rigler, Chris Mann, Anne Wellmer, Andrew Drury,
David Watson, Sean Meehan, Jack Wright, Tatsuya Nakatani, Vic Rawlings,
Michel Doneda, Gabriel Paiuk , Leonel Kaplan, Nate Wooley, Pauline Oliveros,
Hans Tammen, Miquel Jordá, Carlos Gómez, Roberto García, Alex Waterman, Juan
Sebastián Suanca, Miguel Frasconi, Michael Zerang, and Pascal Boudreault,
among many others. Since 2007, he is an Assitant Professor in the Art
Department at Universidad de los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.

*Diapason Gallery*

Diapason is a listening space that gives artists and audiences the
opportunity to make and experience sound art. Through the exploration of
active and varied modes of listening Diapason seeks to engage artists and
the public in a dialogue about the place of contemporary music and sound
practice in a broader cultural context. For artists, both established and
emerging, Diapason provides a space at once accessible and technologically
advanced, fostering the creation of unique works that investigate the
implications of new sound practices. For audiences Diapason provides an
optimal listening environment and access to artists, encouraging personal
exploration of one’s relationship to sound and listening.

 Over the past fourteen years Diapason and its predecessor program (Studio 5
Beekman) have presented the work of over 350 composers and other
practitioners of sound art from the USA and abroad. Diapason presents a
broad spectrum of multi-media work, from emerging to established artists.
Three years ago, Diapason relocated to its own dedicated exhibition space in
Brooklyn, with two galleries in which we present monthly sound installations
and regular live performances year-round.

Diapason is supported in part by public funds from the New York City
Department of Cultural Affairs, in partnership with the city council, the
Phaedrus Foundation, Kirk Radke, and by generous individuals. Diapason is a
501(c)3 organization.

*Vociferous: Sound Works by 21 Contemporary Colombian Artists is supported
in part by the Universidad de Los Andes in Bogotá, Colombia.*
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