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Just sharing this info with the list because I was told this would be of
interest to people here -

Unsound Lounge # 2 - Non-Cochlear Sound: A Panel Discussion
Thursday, October 28, 7 p.m.
@ Goethe-Instiut New York, 72 Spring St, 11th floor

featured panelists: 
David Grubbs, Liz Kotz, Marina Rosenfeld, Seth Brodsky and Lytle Shaw

Sound, like everything else (maybe more than everything else), is a product
of interaction: stick with skin, wheel with street, wind with grass.
Logically, then, sound is also a product of the situations in which these
interactions occur. Non-Cochlear Sound addresses sound as a conceptual,
contextual construct. Non-Cochlear Sound might function in a sound-like
fashion without specifically referencing or making sound, it might use sound
as a vehicle for transporting ideas or materials from point A to point B, it
might even make sound but only as an excuse for initiating other activities.
Sound always makes meaning by interacting with other things in proximity:
geographic proximity, ideological proximity, philosophical proximity. 
Non-Cochlear Sound is nothing more - and nothing less - than the
acknowledgement of this reality.

This talk is being held in response to the current NON-COCHLEAR SOUND
exhibition at Diapason Gallery, Brooklyn curated by Seth Kim-Cohen author
of In the Blink of an Ear (Continuum) - http://www.diapasongallery.org/

This free discussion is part of the series "Unsound Lounge," a partnership
between Unsound and Goethe-Institut New York that aims to continue the kinds
of conversation‹about music, sound, art, and more‹that started during the
inaugural Unsound Festival New York in February 2010. Stay posted for more
"Unsound Lounge" events.

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