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Artist: MoHa!
Title: Kriiskav Valgus
Label: Le Petit Mignon
Code#: LPM05, Bugaboo collaboration series w/ Bongoût
Format:Solid white 7" w/ colour labels, 45rpm, ltd.300ex., hand-numbered, 
12-page sikscreened booklet
Worldwide, exclusively distributed by Staalplaat

Since their CDR debut in 2004 on Enlightment, Moha! has released a handful of 
records and LPs on Rune Grammofon and recently on the French label Gaffer 
Records. Kriiskav Valgus is the third release in an intense and expanding 7" 
collection issued by Le Petit Mignon since 2009 and precisely the first one of 
the Bugaboo series co-published with Berlin based graphic artist duo Bongoût. As 
usual, the artwork is executed with great care, coming this time with a 
colourful 12-page screen-printed mini book specially designed by the skilled 
hands of Bongoût.

As you would expect from LPM, these two tracks are probably some of the most 
ecstatic pieces to have emerged from the Norwegian duo. This new blitz 7" sounds 
almost as improvised as composed: no hesitation, no failures, no rest, just 
overheating and broken drum sticks. Clearly, the band can be described as 
“efficient”. The way they constantly and quickly deconstruct every piece of 
pattern has a direct impact, keeping every sense tightly close to the edge.

This is Moha! possessed by a powerful light, spreading the remains of free Jazz, 
noise, arcade games vandals and clubbing terrorists. There’s no respite in these 
two intense and solid tracks, both subtly composed in spite of the constant 
overgain and apparent mess, both spat out towards your ears throughout these ten 

Originally formed as a typical drum/guitar duo, the band has recently enriched 
their gear to embrace more electronic devices: take an avalanche of drum parts, 
hints of power electronics, and pure data activism, and you’ll get an idea of 
the substance of this record,  cut by  Berlin’s renowned Rashad Becker.


XX side
1. MoHa! “Kriiskav Valgus” 7" - Naaljos Ljom

XY side
2. MoHa! “Kriiskav Valgus” 7" - Brikjande Glime

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