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SoundBlog / October 7th, 2010 [#392 / sbpc42]ROAMING RUNNING RECORDERS (flying, bumping, hopping, hiking)
Lauri Warsta sent a parcel with a recording dictaphone through the mail, from London to Helsinki. She visualized the recording device's journey in a nice short animation, called 'Dictaphone Parcel'. In it Lauri uses extracts from the recording made by the dictaphone on its journey as a soundtrack. It, however, left me with a great many question and made me so curious that as an experiment I decided to try a 'quick 'n' dirty' re-make of the 'travelling dictaphone': instead of sending it, I played mr. postman myself. I put a parcel with a recording dictaphone in a small rucksack and  took it all the way from Amsterdam to Maastricht. By foot, by train, by bus, by bus and finally by foot again... 
Could it be that barking dogs are a roaming running recorder's destiny?
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