[microsound-announce] November-December Events LAB gallery - APO33 Radio Bot LAB gallery

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LAB gallery
November Events LAB gallery

*noise room + field recording tree-water-ice-frozen sounds + online
by Julien Ottavi, Nathalie Fougeras


LAB gallery present Julien Ottavi and Nathalie Fougeras
(*this event cant be diffused online surely due to technics pb., a work in
progress is presented in situ)
radio bot apo33 lab gallery

Saturday 28th November 2010 4pm – 7pm
LAB gallery Sweden

Work in progress
Julien Ottavi
Nathalie Fougeras
APO33 / Radio Bot LAB gallery


july 2010
- technical installation by APO33 software and hardware Radio Bot in LAB
gallery Julien Ottavi, Jenny Pickett &

Nathalie Fougeras
- field recording by Julien Ottavi in Sweden, Sollefteå (tree, water..)

november-december 2010
- field recording by Nathalie Fougeras (ice water, frozen sounds..)
- installation in situ, tests and tests online
- playing in situ & online Radio Bot LAB gallery
APO33 / Radio Bot LAB gallery



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