[microsound-announce] [EdP033] VA - No Labels No Musics(electro-music.com complilation)

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thanks for your feedbacks!
of course it's possible to dl a mp3 only .zip
> when you go at this address : http://www.archive.org/details/EdP033_VA_No_Labels_No_Musics
on the left side : you see " VBR ZIP "
click ! it's here




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Its very nice !
thanks alot !

A mp3 only.zip would be
even nicer :P

Tho I cant complain on
free music


Keep it up!




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[EdP033] VA - No Labels No Musics(electro-music.com complilation)


Inspired by similar projects on the
net, the electro-music.com Field
Recording Project challenged users to create original compositions from the
existing field rec archive.

Participants were limited to field
recordings as the only sound sources, but could chop, mutilate, and process
with effects to the heart's desire. 

This is simply a creative project to celebrate our
wonderful archive of sounds from around the world.


Free download @ http://doporto.pt.to


Also available in FLAC and WAVE formats.



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