[microsound-announce] Sneak preview of COMPOSING WITH PROCESS 2.1, second installment podcast on generative audio

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Wed Nov 10 11:43:56 EST 2010

Sneak preview of COMPOSING WITH PROCESS 2. 1, the second episode of the
series on generative music *by Mark Fell and Joe Gilmore*:
http://bit.ly/csDGIk. Very soon available online.

The second episode in the series looks at the use of formal systems in the
composition and performance of musical works. It explains the diversity of
approaches to musical systems using a range of technologies and processes.
The episode asks how we might distinguish systems based procedures in music
to other musical activities, and makes reference to technological
development and implementation, structural complexity, and relationships to
other musical traditions. We compare three tape-based approaches to
composition that explore sound as a temporal and spatial phenomenon and
refer to theoretical positions offered by notable artists working in this

Tim Perkis / John Bischoff 'Dovetail' (Artificial Horizon, Artifact
'Assalalaa' (Inuit Games and Songs, UNESCO, 1974)
Autechre 'Flutter' (Anti EP, Warp Records, 1994)
Marcel Duchamp 'La Mariée Mise à Nu Par Ses Célibataires, Même' (Edition
Block + Paula Cooper Gallery, 1991)
Yasunao Tone 'Clapping Piece' (unreleased, 1963). Performed at Enjoy
Leeds, 2010.
Janek Schaeffer 'Recorded Delivery' (Hot Air, 1999)
The Hafler Trio 'Kuklos' (Kuklos, Touch, 1990)
Alvin Lucier 'I Am Sitting in a Room' (Source - Music of the Avante Garde.
Sacramento, CA: 1969)
Yasunao Tone '495,63'. Performed in Sheffield City Library, 2007.
Tim Perkis 'Engagement' (Artificial Horizon, Artifact Recordings, 1989)
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