[microsound-announce] Ethernet Orchestra Live Networked Improvisation

Roger Mills roger at eartrumpet.org
Tue Nov 9 18:23:57 EST 2010

Hi All,

Just wanted to flag up a networked A/V improv spanning the cities  
Braunschweig & Munich, Germany,  London, NYC and Sydney, Australia  
recorded live for furthernoise.org.

blackhole-factory presents Ethernet Orchestra - Live networked  
improvisation at Kunstmuehle studio, Braunschweig, Germany.  Sunday  
14th November – 11.30 am Germany UTC+1 CET  / 10.30 am UK / Sydney  
9.30cpm UTC+11  EST.

World Time Clock http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock

Performed live at Kunstmuehle studio, Braunschwieg, Germany and  
broadcast online at http://radio.aporee.org.

The event is also being recorded for furthernoise.org  Explorations in  
Sound Vol, 5.

Log onto:

Audio mix  http://radio.aporee.org
Visual mix http://www.visitorsstudio.org

For full A/V experience open both URLs in separate browser windows.

Live at Kunstmuehle studio :

Elke Utermoehlen – Voice , Max/MSP
Martin Slawig – Elecronics, Max/MSP
Edward Filipp – Percussion

New York, USA.
Richard Lainhart – Buchla & Guitar

Sydney, Australia.
Yavuz Uydu (Turkish Oud and Bendir)
Roger Mills (Processed Trumpets)

Networked visual mix featuring
Helen Varley Jamieson - Munich, Germany
Graziano Milano - London, United Kingdom
Neil Jenkins - Sydney, Australia

View Ethernet Orchestra tri-screen video excerpt

Distance Presences I, Sunday Night at the Movies, 20/7/2010 FBi Radio  
A/V mix


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