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Mon Nov 8 11:56:54 EST 2010

Data-driven sound synthesis. Seminar on sound synthesis informed by
analysis data.
         - led by Stefan Kersten and Wernfried Lackner

19, 20 and 21 November at Hangar, Barcelona.

Content-based analysis techniques, i.e. synthesis techniques guided by
the acoustical and perceptual properties of the source sound material,
have been rapidly gaining ground in the sound and music computing
community in the last decade. This workshop acknowledges the importance
of these new techniques and aims at helping the participants to
experiment with content-based techniques and laying a groundwork for
further exploration.

We will start by introducing a framework that allows experimentation
with content-based analysis and recomposition of sound segments stored
in a database with only minimal programming knowledge. The occasional
closer look will introduce more involved techniques and concepts such
as musical feature extraction, concatenative synthesis and audio
mosaicing. The focus will be on showing how various open source tools
can be used productively in combination, allowing workflows that are
not easily realizable with commercial applications.

We will be using our application environment Mescaline, which is based
on the programming language Haskell, the sound synthesis environment
SuperCollider and the feature extraction tool MeapSoft. 

Full info and structure: [ http://lullcec.org/?p=1428&lang=en ]

Stefan Kersten works as a researcher and sound artist in Barcelona,
where he is pursuing a Phd at Pompeu Fabra University’s Music
Technology Group. His main research interests are the synthesis and
analysis of sound textures and the computational modeling of
soundscapes. As a member of the col·lectives Zysk and Dissonoisex,
Kersten is interested in the study of human communication strategies
and also in the perceptual limits of interactive media. He is the
author of the original port of SuperCollider to Linux.

[ http://space.k-hornz.de/ ] 

Wernfried Lackner was born in Austria in 1970 and is currently living
in Barcelona. He works a software developer, musician and media artist.
His interests include (semi-)autonomous (musical) systems, human
interaction and the processing and transformation of data. Wernfried is
a member of Gullibloon, a Berlin-based collective of sound artists and
software developers sharing an interest for the manipulation and
visualization of data, as well as for algorithmic audiovisual creation. 

[ http://gullibloon.org/ ]

cost: 90€ (cheaper in combination with other seminars, more info here:

+info: [ http://lullcec.org/?p=1428&lang=en ]


current and coming up activities:

Sonic Seminars: [ http://lullcec.org/?p=1641&lang=en ]

25.11.2010     Rubén Patiño live. Hangar, 20h. Free admission.


web:      [ http://lullcec.org ]
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