[microsound-announce] OpenLab OpenDay and Night next Saturday 13th Nov, 2010 @ The Apiary

Robert Munro ml at robmunro.net
Sun Nov 7 16:50:10 EST 2010

Sorry 4 x, pls >>

The next OpenLab OpenNight is an afternoon as wlll, it is the 1 yr
anniversary event, and we are having presentations in the afternoon before
performances later on about 7pm.

It's scheduled to kick off at 3pm Saturday 13th November @ The Apiary
(formerly The Hackney Rose) (Suggested £2 donation), 458 Hackney Rd, E2 9EG.

As usual it is open to everyone - so if you would like to present or perform
then it not too late ... as always, put your name up on the WIKI :)

Line up so far is:-
* Claude Heiland-Allen/ClaudiusMaximus : z→z²+c generative fractal music
using periodic attractors in the Mandelbrot Set
* Rob Munro : Android drawing app & Android NDK
* jag: On periodic computable functions.
* Emmanuel Revah: Still Video.

* Rob Munro : More PD & Android stuff.
* Claude Heiland-Allen/ClaudiusMaximus : RDEX audio/visual performance using
reaction-diffusion systems
* zambari / eqav : overdriven transistors sequenced in an old school - acid
techno style
* Ryan Jordan : Splittercore with DiY Punk Elektonics, and maybe a laptop

Hope to see you there  :)

best rob

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