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Two new releases are out now!
A full length CD by ASMUS TIETCHENS and a 3²CDR by COSTA GRÖHN.

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more infos:

Asmus Tietchens
CD, (56:22 min), 300 copies, cardboard cover
1000füssler 017, release date: 27th october 2010

Abraum 3 13'48"
Abraum 2 12'05"
Abraum 1 09'40"
Abraum 4 19'53"

A new subway tunnel is being built in the harbor area of Hamburg's inner
city. The tunneling produces waste and the waste needs to be disposed of. In
this case sand and shredded rubble are mixed with groundwater in order to be
pumped out through steel tubes with a diameter of approximately 80cm. The
sounds that are produced in the tubes are object of field recordings that I
made at different times and places on site. It was immediately apparent that
the continuum of the basic sounds that I used for my compositions already
sounded formed in its randomness and diversity. The real surprise though,
was that commonplace noises such as flowing water and rippling sand were
completely inaudible, instead a steady progression of sophisticated rasping
and quiet metal jangling was present. Besides the polymorphism of the basic
sounds it was the total artificiality of the signal that interested me,
acoustic manifestations of sand and water subject to the conditions of
technical and functional canalization. (Asmus Tietchens)

Asmus Tietchens lives and works in Hamburg. His focus is on the manipulation
of sounds in ways suggested by the material itself. In 1965 he began to
experiment with tape machines, concrete sounds and electronic sound
generators. After a period of experimental pop music at the beginning 1980,
he became more and more influenced by Industrial Music (1982 -1985). Since
the mid 1990s his music is characterized by a reductionist aesthetic, often
using sine waves, white noise and quiet sounds.

Until today more than 50 LP- and CD-releases as well as numerous public
performances in Germany and abroad. Collaborations with Thomas Köner
(Kontakt der Jünglinge), Achim Wollscheid, Jon Mueller, Arcane Device,
Richard Chartier, Merzbow and many others. 2003 and 2006 awarded with the
"Karl-Sczuka-Preis für Akustische Kunst" by German public radio station SWR.
Guest lecturer for sound studies at the Hamburg University of Applied
Sciences (1989-2010) and the University of Fine Arts of Hamburg (2010).
more info: http://www.1000fussler.com/seiten/releases.html

Costa Gröhn
3³CDR, (15:35 min), 100 copies, foto cover
1000füssler 016, release date: 27th october 2010

1. Chirring calls at home 8'25
2. Within a circle of fire (disrupted playback) 3Œ10
3. Discounterbeat 3Œ44

Costa Gröhn makes field recordings on the road, at home, in the city or in
the forest. On "2+1" he processed recordings from his archive and added
feedbacks and vinyl record samples to 2 and 1 soundscape compositions.

Costa Gröhn was born 1976 in Bad Segeberg (northern Germany). He is a pastor
at the St. Johannis Church in Hamburg. He has been composing soundscapes and
doing performances since 2000. Besides tracks for compilations and
remix-projects, he has also released two full length CD-R albums "Im Gehölz"
and "Bouboukas" on the Gruenrekorder label.
more info: http://www.1000fussler.com/seiten/releases.html

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