[microsound-announce] Pd-berlin meeting next tuesday, 9th November, 20h00 - Felix Pfeifer, selfmade USB-MIDI interface

João Pais jmmmpais at googlemail.com
Thu Nov 4 19:58:29 EDT 2010


next tuesday, 21st September, will be the next meeting of Pure Data users
in Berlin at NK (http://www.nkprojekt.de/) - Elsenstr. 52, 2HH 2Etage.

Felix Pfeifer will present his work (in progress). His project aims at
providing an interface for creating improvized pattern based (dance-)
music live in realtime (without loading or saving). He uses the novation
launchpad and a selfmade USB-MIDI interface with many knobs and sliders
custom-designed for a pd patch hosting the synths LINK

- using the launchpad with Linux
- programming the launchpad LEDs in pd
- general discussion on (self-made) interfaces
- mappings in pd

For more information, look up
We also encourage you to take an active part, and put up suggestions for
topics you want to talk about / topics you want to be talked about.

Please, don´t call to the staff of NK to open the doors. They let us use
the space but we have to take care about having the meeting without
producing any disturbance to them, and to clean the space after the

We would apreciate if you would send us a small mail to
info_at_minitronics.net with your name, Pd experience and interests, so
that we know how many people might be coming. Or put your name in the
pd-berlin wiki page.

We would like to thank the support and willingness of NK in the
organization of these events.

João Pais

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10249 Berlin (Deutschland)
Tel +49 30 42020091 | Mob +49 162 6843570
Studio +49 30 69509190
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