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John Kannenberg john at stasisfield.com
Tue Nov 2 09:00:14 EDT 2010

Now on view at the Stasis_Space gallery:

Mer-Wer, an Ongoing Remix Project


The Birket Qarun (ancient name “Mer-Wer” or “The Great Lake”) is a  
lake in the Fayoum oasis in western Egypt. In several ancient Egyptian  
creation myths, Mer-Wer was the body of water from which all life  
originated. While visiting the Fayoum in May 2010, I intended to make  
a hydrophone recording of the sound of the Qarun, although I was a  
novice hydrophonographer with a simple, homemade underwater  
microphone. Via a series of mishaps, I ended up returning to Cairo  
with what I thought was a terrible recording. It ended up being  
exactly the opposite, and I'm now asking artists to remix it, to bring  
new life to my drowned microphone that died in a lake of creation.

Wave 1 remixes by:

Simon Whetham (UK)
Ola Saad (Egypt)
He Can Jog (USA)
Yara Mekawei (Egypt)
Michael Rüsenberg (Germany)
Mike Hallenbeck (USA)

Download the original recording, remix it, and send it in to become  
part of a future wave of the project.


Thanks for listening.


John Kannenberg

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[ http://klangkammer.posterous.com ]

[ http://www.stasisfield.com ]

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