[microsound-announce] new Yugen release

shinkei shinkei at koyuki-sound.org
Mon Nov 1 00:59:32 EDT 2010

Hello I am happy to announce a new release on the Yugen Art label :

Yugen Plays Christian Volf Acoustic Records

Side A : Three Superfluous Movements With A Funny Smell (Wax Cylinder  

Side B : A Theory Of Equilibrium As The Fourth Dimension Of Hearing

The Volf Acoustic Records are nine 78rpm vinyls with therapeutic  
sounds recorded in 1936/37 by the Danish-American physicist Christian  
A. Volf.

The sounds, recorded using self-built oscillators, were designed to  
influence the sense of hearing and improve the inner ear functions,  
especially the hearing dynamics in the treatment of dyslexia in young  

Volf's 78rpm are the earliest Danish electronic music and,  
internationally, one of the first electronic music recorded on disc.  
There are very few complete collections of the original Volf Acoustic  
Records 78-plates. Maybe only one.

free download

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