[microsound-announce] Have a great start to the new decade : some free music

Philippe Petit Philippe-Petit at wanadoo.fr
Fri Dec 31 01:33:21 EST 2010

Hope that you are prepairing to end 2010 in a grand way
2011 will start promisingly as Sub Rosa has agreed to release my  
collaboration with Vultures Quartet and Monotype will unleash the one  
with Eugene Robinson from Oxbow fame...

But for now here comes some free music for you to enjoy, HOPEFULLY...

A souvenir of that cool festival we played in New Jersey... Offering a  
new song of yours truly, along with PAS, Richard Lainhart, Ezekiel  
Honig...ENJOY !


Proud to have a song in the classy Explorer's Club series, operated by  
Arctic Circle/Lo Recordings


The collab I did with Paul Rogers and Jennifer Hames from the great  
Long Dead Sevens has been picked up by a young filmmaker who is  
definitely showing talent. Joseph Mercer Holland whom you shall hear  
more from in the future... 'Till then:


And last but not least Lydia Lunch and I will be playing Hamburg/ 
Stubnitz Boat on JAN 6 + The famous Volksbühne venue in Berlin on JAN  
7 (with Schneider TM DJing)


Wunderbar! hope to see some of you there and 'till then 2011 Best Wishes




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