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Elisa Da Prato elisadaprato at gmail.com
Sat Apr 24 14:28:14 EDT 2010


I would like to cordially invite you to a very special night that will be
the first of many multi-sensory events combining film + live music + science
& philosophy.

On Wednesday, April 28th witness the multi-media result of a new type of
neuro-scientific experiment. This winter, my friend and compatriot, Jeff
Sable, volunteered for NYU scientist Dr. Zoran Josipovic, by laying in an
f-MRI scanner while meditating. Josipovic was kind enough to share Jeff's
brain data with neurophilosopher Dan Lloyd, who designed a beautiful, real
time representation, in color and music, of Jeff's shifting consciousness.
Lloyd's work concentrates on taking patterns found in brain activity and
converting them into musical scores. From this he has formulated a theory
that consciousness operates within a musical structure. Or rather, that we
are music.

The "score" from this data was passed on to San Francisco based ensemble,
The Lickets (http://www.lickets.com/), and they were charged with composing
a piece to be played live at the event.

This evening will be a true dive into the poetic interplay of art & science
& philosophy. It will feature:

- Short film, Music of the Hemispheres
- Dan Lloyd's color and music realization of Jeff Sable's Brain
- The Lickets' live performance of their original piece inspired by Jeff's
brain activity
- Panel Discussion/Q&A with Dan Lloyd, Dr. Zoran Josipovic,
  Therapist Doug Johnson, Subject Jeff Sable, & The Lickets (Mitch Greer &
Rachel Smith)

+ Full on Lickets Live Set

AND - for your enjoyment...a video portrait booth for climbing into, talking
and staring.

Think of it like a psychedelic science fair, with beer and wine to boot.

Wednesday, April 28
232 3rd St (and 3rd Ave) 3rd Floor

I hope you can join us.

Elisa Da Prato
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