[microsound-announce] Gijs Gieskes building Hard Soft Synth 3 Circuitbending workshop

workshop workshop at staalplaat.com
Wed Apr 14 03:23:52 EDT 2010

staalplaat PRESENTS!

Gijs Gieskes building Hard Soft Synth 3 Circuitbending workshop, 
Better then Uri Geller!
Date: 14 May, time: 13.00 till 18 00 hour
Das Alte Finanzamt, Schönstedtstrasse 7, Berlin Neukölln
price 60 euro. (that includes Hard Soft Synth building kit!)
19 euro  pure  Circuitbending  (but you must bring stuff to bend!)

The Hard Soft Synth 3f is a small arduino based synth.
Analog effect:
It has a lowpass filter that is controlled from the synth with a 
led > ldr combination.
The resonance can be set with a potentiometer.
There is a vertical adjust potentiometer, that can be used to clip the audio.
io: it has a trigger input and trigger out via mini jacks, also via ir sync.
Synth settings: all synth settings are set by 6 potentiometers.
One potentiometer is used to select a synth, and the other 
potentiometers can be used to adjust the synth.
Scripts: At the moment there is one finished script that can be used, 
that has 16 Synths. and another one is in the works that will 
probably have about 8 synths or more. There are drone type of synths, 
noise synths, a drum sequencer with kick and noisy hh, a 303 type of 
synth, a arpegiator, and a click type of synth... but more are in the 

You must bring:
soldering iron!
and lots of
electronic junk toys

CONTACT workshop at staalplaat.com

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