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murmerings 2010.04 ::: mooste, estonia

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many things to point you towards this time around, including the first
hint of a few new releases due this year, and some insight into my
recent move here to estonia in the form of an interview in the estonian
art-blog artishok.  also some upcoming (virtual) participation in an
event in paris, my fateful (sort of) acceptance of the ubiquity of
facebook, and the upcoming 2nd edition of helikoosolek:tartu.

spring has now truly sprung here in eesti - the snow is all but gone,
with just a few patches left hiding in the shade.  leaf piles are
burning everywhere you look, and the first crocuses are beginning to
appear.  it is also kaskmahl (birch juice) season; the sweet fresh sap
of the birch tree is a traditional spring drink here, and i tapped my
first tree this morning.  in about 6 hours we've already collected
upwards of 4 litres.  soon nettles and wild herbs will be appearing -
it promises to be a fruitful season!


::: framework 1-4 announced on herbal, malaysia :::

the malaysian record label herbal has now announced the publication of a
new murmer double cd for later this year, a series i've been working on
for a long time, and which shares its name with my radio show:


'framework 1-4' is a series of experiments with untreated field
recordings, and an attempt to explore the blurry edges between
documentary and creative use of found sound. the works have been created
with individual sets of self-imposed rules or restrictions, some
composed with only hard edits and no equalization or level shifts, some
with the possibility of layering, and some with conceptual skeletons. i
hope with these works to question my own sense of 'musicality' and it's
inherent existence in the sounds that surround us.  this should be
appearing sometime late summer or early fall...


::: interview in artishok, estonia :::

the estonian art-blog artishok has just published an interview in order
to kindly introduce my activites to my new adoptive community, and
attempt to work out just what exactly is it i think i 'm doing here
(besides tapping birch trees to drink their sap):


the interview was conducted via email by maarin mürk, artishok's creator
and publisher.


::: new work at parisonic, paris, france :::

parisonic, a 2 day festival for sound projections happening in paris,
has invited me to present both a new solo murmer work, and the
framework250 cd compilations at part of their programme on the 1st and
2nd of may.  i sadly won't be able to attend myself, but a new untitled
work (to be released later this year by one of my favorite labels,
fingers crossed) will be diffused, and the framework compilations will
be showcased and available for purchase.  other invited artists include
yannick dauby, eric la casa, steve roden, brandon labelle, and more:



::: framework on facebook, cyberspace :::

i have long avoided myspace, facebook, friendster, linked in, etc, etc,
etc, but some friends (with the help of a nice bottle of vodka) finally
convinced me that i'm not doing myself any favors, certainly not in
light of my current attempts to get framework radio out to a broader
audience.  so while my own personal profile is still happily hidden
away, pictureless and freindless, framework radio now has a shiny new
'wall', and it's memberlist is growing steadily.  so come join the fun!
search for 'framework radio' and come be my 'fan'!



::: and furthermore :::

the first meeting of helikoosolek tartu went very well and was very well
attended; we hope the enthusiasm will continue.  so official announcment
yet on what will be happening at the next meeting, on the last wednesday
of this month, april 28th, but we think it will involve some fun with
our own john grzinich, and hopefully a visit from estonian nature
recordist veljo runnel.  also coming up will be some activites in
tallinn as part of the tuned city series of events for tallinn culture
capital 2011 (http://www.tunedcity.de), a residency, installation and
perhaps performance in portugal as part of the may x-op symposium
happening there, and an upcoming workshop and performance with max
shentelevs and estonian singer kago in torun, poland in june.  i'll also
be working as usual at glastonbury music festival in the UK in june, so
if you happen to be there, look me up at the deluxe diner!

phew!  and if you made it this far, my hat goes off to you!  thanks for



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