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||||||||||||||||||||||||\||| NOISE = NOISE |||/|||||||||||||||||||||||||||


hardware, screaming circuits, hypnotic digital flickers, sonic
teXtiles, coding-de-coding, punktronics, live performance,


>.Luke Jordan, Ben Westley Clarke and Laura Naomi Adamson

>.Myrto Karinaka & Jeremy Keenan

>.Grayson Cooke & Mike Cooper

>.Now Wash Your Hands

>.Cane Toad Orchestra

>.Thor Magnusson

>.The Digitariat 

>.Berit Greinke

>.Dan Tombs


>.Ryan Jordan

>.a r a r

Saturday 5th December 2009

@ The Foundry, Gt Eastern St, London

Exit 3, Old St. Tube.


6 or 7pm start until the pub closes.

The pub's open from 4pm so feel free to come down early and drink while we set up.

There will be a cdr available on the night with tracks from all the artists playing.




A collaborative performance by Luke Jordan, Ben Westley Clarke and Laura Naomi Adamson

Jordan is an artist working in installation, performance and sound.His
interests and creative practice revolve around myth, ritual and the
creation of emersive environments. He has exhibited and performed at
various events in Londonsuch as Noise=Noise, Openlab, Beyond Signal and
Shopping Trolley. At this event he will be performing using laptop,
ahomemade noise instrument, distortion and projected animation.

Westley Clarke is primarily a painter, though healso has an interest in
film making and performance. He has had solo exhibitions ofhis work in
Barcelona, London and Ipswich.In this performance he will be reciting a
poem he has createdin the tradition ofWilliam S. Burroughs'cut-up
technique utilising text from porno and gossip magazines.

Naomi Adamson is a perfomances artist who, at this event,will be
performinga piece thatexplores the relationship between childhood
sexuality and her unconcious.



Jeremy Keenan: Sound Artist

Keenan's practice has involved the independent production of music in
both live and recorded contexts. His works have utilised methods of
live sampling, instrumental electronics, fixed media and interactive
performance. Having performed at various festivals and venues in his
native California, as well more recently in various locations around
the UK, his music and sonic art have seen a variety of exposure.

of the various venues, festivals and collaborations he has been
involved with as a sound artist and performer include the Bird's Eye
View festival at the London ICA (as composer and sound editor), Boston
Cyberarts Festival, the 2006 Maker Fair (both in collaboration with
Visual Artist Michael Carter), The Rich Mix Cultural Foundation (as a
part of Kaffe Matthews' Sonic Bed London project), Sonic Arts Network
Festival 2007 (as a part of live electronics improvisation ensemble
>From Honey to Ashes), The Shunt Lounge (in collaboration with artist
and musician Olly Farshi, as well as with From Honey To Ashes), the
2007 Shoreditch Festival as part of Matt Lewis' Mr. Shordy project, and
the 2007 Foldback Festival, The Green Room in Manchester (in
collaboration with performance artist Maya Zbib) as well as many others.

has also provided Technical artistic work for Matt Lewis' Helicopter,
as shown at the London Brazilian Embassy, as well as functional
installation work for the Tate Britain.

His current line of
exploration involves the development of new strategies in the fields of
live electronics performance, studio practice, and sound based
generative artworks.

He is a current Mphil/Phd candidate at
Goldsmiths College, London. He is of no (known) relation to the
anthropologist of the same name.

Myrto Karanika: Practising artist / architect

studied Architecture & Engineering in Greece before moving to
London to do a MA in Creative Practice for Narrative Environments at
Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, University of the
Arts. She holds a MFA in Computational Studio Arts from Goldsmiths
University of London.

Her practice and research transgresses the
boundaries of art, architecture, responsive design, soft technologies,
and electronic textiles, aiming to explore concepts of spatiality,
narrativity, hapticity and bodily engagement.

Myrto's work has been
exhibited in different public contexts such as the ‘New Trends in
Architecture in Europe and Asia Pacific’ International Architectural
Exhibition 2006, the 8th International Festival of Architecture &
Media 2005, the 5th Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Architecture 2006, the
2009 AISB Symposium on Mental States, Emotions and their Embodiment,
the 2009 EVA London, the Foundry (London 2009), the Horse Hospital
(London, 2009), the Ventipertrenta 2009 Festival (Italy, 2009) and the
Goldsmiths Digital Studios Thursday Club for which she has been a Board
Member since 2008. 


www.youtube.com/civilizedmachine  http://web.mac.com/cooparia

Cooke is an interdisciplinary scholar and live-media artist. Grayson
has performed live audio-visual works in Australia and New Zealand, he
has exhibited works of new media and photography in Australia and
Canada, and he has published academic articles in numerous print and
online journals. He holds an interdisciplinary PhD from Concordia
University in Montreal, and lectures in digital media at Central
Queensland University.

Mike Cooper (Phantom Islands by Tam Patton)

are islands that have been believed to exist, islands which have
appeared on maps and have even had expeditions mounted to locate or
conquer them, yet they have still evaded our observation. Some are
eventually established as imaginary; daemonic. Others are seen only on
old maps and charts, disappearing in more modern depictions, dismissed
as mistakes. Others still are unsuccessfully sought for decades, and
dismissed as fanciful or mythic, and then embarrassingly found in plain
view, under another, more familiar name. Mike Cooper is perhaps one of
these islands. Born in England in 1942, his 40-plus years of constant
re-invention, experimentation and quiet genius in a myriad of musical
styles has evaded categorization, perhaps as a side-effect of having
been almost completely ignored by history. Encompassing Blues, Folk,
Roots music, Electronica, Jazz, Exotica / Lounge, Dance, Noise, Modern
Composition or Improvisation (amongst others), Cooper’s expansive remit
blasts orthodox categorization into the befuddled librarian’s realm
where it belongs.”

Now Wash Your Hands

"OCD power electronics from the north of England"


Nothing was failing at music so he decided the only option left was to
take up noise. He also wanted an outlet for his grumpy foul tempers and
to humiliate himself onstage for others' amusement wearing special
costumes. There is nothing more important than being clean and nothing
cleans the head out better than a healthy blast of noise! (Always wash
your hands)."



it starts with a droned note.

jag plays a musical mode with the droned note as the tonic.

rob_a's variseq takes the audio output of din, the droned note and geri's violin playing and turns them into rhythms.

adds her own melodic line on the violin by responding both to jag and
rob_a's sounds. and we all listen and respond to each other.



is a musician and an inventor who researches the impact of digital
technologies on musical creativity and practices. In 2000, he
co-founded the ixi Audio collective, which won the Lomus 2008
International Music Software Contest for their ixiQuarks software.

has presented and performed in various festivals and conferences, such
as Sonar festival, Ertz festival, Transmediale, ICMC (International
Computer Music Conference), NIME Conference (New Interfaces for Musical
Expression), Impact Festival, Soundwaves festival, Cybersonic festival,
Ultrasound festival, Pixelache, and various others.



the end of the 90s noise/experimental project Dachise ended and The
Digitariat took its place. Though the central figure of the both acts
are the same, Paul Knowles, the very names of the projects show the
shift in perspective from abstract experimentalism (Dachise was an
anagram) to a more focused animal who brings together the personal and
the macrocosmic.

Vicious electronic snapping, cracking and drilling
accompany heavily treated vocals, a scream from the human trapped in an
oppressive repetitive sense-numbing post-industrial world. The
individual seeking a more sensual existence than to “be of service” to
faceless others. The Digitariat reclaims electronics from functional
convenience and turns them into the instrumentation of passionate slave
songs for the new millennium.

Live performances are physical and
expressive in direct contrast with the behaviour we have learned to
adopt in public as one among many urban dwellers.

The Digitariat has
performed live on the same bills as Prurient, Ramleh, Consumer
Electronics, Sudden Infant, Astro, and many more.

Limited edition
releases have been issued including A Place Beyond Shame 4xCDR set
(self released, then reissued in 2009 as a 4xMC set on Symbolic Prod,
France), Agitated CD (on Entr’acte in heavily sealed package), the live
CDRs: Middlesborough, High Wycombe and Kings Lynn in uniform edition
packaging, the Why Men Don’t Have A Clue mp3 half-hour download which
was once broadcast in its entirety on Resonance FM… The Digitariat is
now working on pieces for more commercial formats including the first
vinyl release.



sense of hearing might not be the first thought that comes to mind when
thinking about textile and surface design. Like many other objects of
our aesthetic environment we perceive textiles and patterns primarily
visually and tactually.

However, there are a lot of shared
expressions we naturally use for both the senses of sight and of
hearing, including pattern, rhythm and composition.

In her projects Berit is investigating cross-sensory experiences using electronic ways to translate from one sense to the other.

Greinke is a textile designer graduated from the MA Design for Textile
Futures at Central Saint Martins. Before she came to London she studied
Textiles and Surface Design at Art School Berlin.

Currently she is
doing the Surface Bursary at London Printworks Trust, researching about
interrelations of printed colours and sounds.



I have exhibted widely in the UK, and Europe, the US and Japan.

I undertake freelance work in moving image, online media, design and photography. Commercial and private. 

have produced work for MTV, Output Recordings, Border Community, Aviva,
ArtAngel, EAST international, Wetnurse records among others.

always interested in doing live video projections (VJ performances) for
festivals and club nights. I have perfomred at The Big Chill, Cargo,
Ginglik, Juno, Corsica Studios, Unitas (NL) amongst others.





work with fundamentalist guitar and electronic drones, pulses and
noises recorded in carefully selected locations. They have released two
albums and one DVD." 



Jordan is a UK based artist working with DiY punk electronics, physical
performance, Pure Data, and noise. He makes live electronic music/noise
performances which incorporate human physical movements and strobe
lighting as their essential foundation. Ryan also curates several
noise, experimental and computer arts events and concerts in the UK,
such as hac… and noise=noise. He is an active member of London based
open source collective, OpenLab; and has released music on Bad Sekta,
Anithematica/CovenH, and AntiGen.

Ryan has performed his work
internationally in many places such as squats, pub cellars, theaters,
the odd town hall, galleries, festivals, academic institutions and an
occasional beach. He has also studied BA Sonic Arts at Middlesex
University, London, and MFA Computational Studio Arts at Goldsmiths
University, London.

a r a r


r a r is an improvisational formation who play effected and none
effected turntables, light modulations, feedback, oscillators and alto


#16 on Wednesday 27th January 2010 @ The Grosvenor, Stockwell, w/ JOSE
GIANNI, RYAN JORDAN. More info coming soon.



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