[microsound-announce] MERLYN / BROKEN SLEEP / MILF WOLF April/May 2010 Europe

colin monotonaut at yahoo.ca
Wed Nov 25 00:10:30 EST 2009

Booking: dronevideo at gmail dot com

collaborative sets from
video feedback master MERLYN
and ambient noise improviser BROKEN SLEEP

-local collaborators welcome (get in touch)
-video feedback workshops also available


MERLYN (Vancouver)
"Free style" (hand held) video feedback, with audio sourced from video signal

BROKEN SLEEP (Vancouver)
drone, dark ambient, ambient <--> harsh noise, field recordings

MILF WOLF (Vancouver)
harsh anti-elitist costume noise catharsis

-discovered video feedback soon after discovering the works of Marshall McCluhan. Some of Merlyn's interests include consciousness, psychological projection and self observation. These are re-occurring themes he explores in his art. His performance work is an exercise in maintaining attention, i.e., an open eyed meditation. His abstract print work(sourced from video feedback originally) allows the viewer to explore their own internal library of definitions and categories much in the same way one sees fantastic imagery in cloud formations.

-5th european tour (under various names)
-active in d.i.y. & extreme music off+on for 25+ years
-shared bills with a diverse set of folks, including:
pan sonic, synapscape, hecate, crank sturgeon, jason kahn, incite/,
goatsblood, dave phillips, tourette, tote stadt, dev 79, the rita,
sistrenatus, holzkopf, coin gutter, skeeter

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