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After 8 years of EME, this year EME turned to EME.LL – EME Live Laptops.

This year’s edition is a parallel event dedicated exclusively to laptops in
the live performance context. It is also a moment of reflection, a moment of
evaluation and a small step into new possible futures. The main focus is now
the creator, the laptop user, his problems, his questions and why not, his

This edition will consist of a one-day symposium with 16 musicians, followed
by a day of performances. All the 16 guests have in common their extended
use of the laptop in a real time performance context.

The group will make a collective performance —16 laptops (12 on sound and 4
on visuals) followed by a solo laptop from one of the most recognized
electronic activists: Robin Rimbaud, aka Scanner.

EME.LL edition is part of Olhares de Outono Festival and is supported by the
Universidade Católica do Porto. The meeting and the performance will be held
at the historical space of the Mosteiro São Bento da Vitória in Porto.

November 22th, (21:30) — CONCERTS:

Audio: Pedro Almeida, The Beautiful Schizophonic, Miguel Carvalhais, Rui
Costa, Jerome Faria, Ivan Franco, André Gonçalves, Vitor Joaquim, Nuno
Moita, João Ricardo, Carlos Santos, Pedro Tudela.

Visuals: Alba G. Corral, Laetitia Morais, Hugo Olim, André Sier.

SCANNER (Robin Rimbaud)
Free entrance!

More info @ http://www.olhares-outono.ucp.pt/2009/index.html
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