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Hi everyone, our new issue of furthernoise is now up online for your  
reading and listening pleasure.

Furthernoise issue November 2009

"Highs from Low Point" (feature)
In this post-everything age, it’s hard to hear anything shatteringly  
new in the experimental ambient universe, even at the most Out-there  
reaches of the dronosphere. Yet there's still much to be savoured in  
the glut of well wrought music in this vein, among which may be  
numbered recent highs from Nottingham's Low Point.
feature by Alan Lockett

"Yapang Marruma Soundscape - Rod Smith" (feature)
On February 12th 2008 the Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd made an  
apology to the 'Indigenous peoples of this land, the oldest continuing  
cultures in human history' for the 'mistreatment of those who were  
Stolen Generations [...] for the laws and policies of successive  
parliaments and governments that have inflicted profound grief,  
suffering and loss [...] 'for the indignity and degradation thus  
inflicted on a proud people and a proud culture. (excerpt).
feature by Roger Mills

"Arturas Bumšteinas - Uniforms" (review)
Arturas Bumšteinas is a sound and visual artist based in Lithuania.  
Uniforms features experimental and post-modern pieces, blended with  
modern electronic and glitch-based techniques.
review by Alex Young

"Echoes of Syros by Dempster, Heasley & Rieman" (review)
Stuart Dempster and Tom Heasley have successfully expanded the  
capabilities of low brass instruments, once relegated to the back of  
the band. Together with keyboard player Erik Glick Rieman, they  
present a series of improvisations that exceed the boundaries of their  
previous work and highlight potential future explorations.
review by Caleb Deupree

"Peaceful Protest - Sade Sade" (review)
“D” Yellow Swans called it quits April 2008. In their 9 years  
together, this psych/noise duo consisting of Pete Swanson and Gabriel  
Mindle Saloman (GMS) recorded over 50 releases, toured extensively  
around the World, and co-ran the Collective JYRK label/art collective.  
Gabriel ended up moving to Vancouver, BC to start a new label called  
Diadem Discogs with his wife and music collaborator Aja Rose.
review by Derek Morton

"The sincerest form of derivation" (review)
Remora's Derivative is a guitar ambient album with a more aggressive  
edge than other drone guitar groups like Stars of the Lid or Mirror,  
retaining enough skronk to remove any artificial polish and give the  
work the immediacy of a laid-back live performance in his living room,  
and enough melodicism to prevent the work from becoming a noise fest.
review by Caleb Deupree

Roger Mills
Editor, Furthernoise

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