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Ryan Jordan
November Events and Live Performances

***DiY punk electronics^^^possession trance^^^noise***



ChaosLab – Open Area Of Experimentation

Thursday 12th November 2009 6pm – 9pm
17 rue Paul Bellamy 

Work in progress for Piksel Festival.
Julien Ottavi
Jenny Pickett
Dominique Leroy
Julien Poidevin
Ryan Jordan


Sunday 15th November 2009 - 6pm
The Foundry
86 Great Eastern St

Ryan Jordan - www.ryanjordan.org
Vultures - www.myspace.com/justvultures
Ampersand - www.ampersand.tv
Wintermute - www.myspace.com/wintermutenoise
Graph - www.myspace.com/graph23


Tuesday 17th November 2009 - 8:00pm
Montague Arms
Queens Rd
SE15 5JN
£5 / £3

Fragmented sounds, DiY noise, flicker, drones, static, electronic alchemy, metal sound scapes

RYAN JORDAN www.ryanjordan.org
GRAPH - www.myspace.com/graph23
AMPERSAND www.ampersand.tv
VULTURES www.myspace.com/justvultures


Spirit Of Gravity

Wednesday 18th November 2009 8pm
The Komedia Studio Bar
44 Gardner Street

The Spirit of Gravity present
Ryan Jordan / Sunday Mourning / Gus Garside and Dan Powell

Ryan Jordan: hacked hardware, screaming circuits, and hypnotic flickers

Sunday Mourning: analog-psychedelic-one-man-jam-band-sandwich

Gus Garside and Dan Powell: Double bass and electronics

Ryan Jordan

Response Systems is an exploration into audiovisual performance using
an array of sensors and DIY electronics responsive to physical movements in order to control programs such as Pure Data (Pd). It also looks at reshaping and replicating the body through the use of noise, DIY technology and stroboscopic light. This work uses DIY hardware to build a new interface for live computer music performance, aiming to turn the performers body into an instrument allowing them to embody new technologies and electronic devices.

The performance alters the perspective of the performer and performance space through noise, strobe lighting and electronic devices. Flickering shadows of the
performers jerking movements, cables, and wires attached to the body are cast onto the walls of the performance space as the performers movements control screaming and shrieking hacked electronics and computer programes, spewing out their internal circuitry.

Sunday Mourning

Sunday Mourning is Mark Wagner (**k) and drummer Sanna Charles. Together they create a sonic hell-hole of acoustic doom, experimental folk and dense psychedelic atmospheres. Referencing anything from Death metal, Avant Guarde, Country and Americana and taking it down to new claustrophobic depths, Sunday Mourning have just played a headline set at NYC's Coco66 to great success.

Gus Garside and Dan Powell

Dan Powell & Gus Garside have been working together on an improv project for the last two years. Dan Powell began making sound for installation works in the mid 90's. Since moving to Brighton in 2000 he has concentrated on experimental and improvised music. He is a member of Brighton based collective The Spirit of Gravity and has performed at spaces across the UK. Dan has released work on net labels Hippocamp & Wrong Lab and his work has been played on WFMU, Radio Reverb & BBC Radio 3. He is currently using small instruments - Tibetan bowls, mbira, recorder, toys & junk - and processing the sound live via a laptop using Audiomulch & Pure Data. Gus Garside has worked in a variety of musical settings – jazz, contemporary music, pop, cabaret, dance, theatre and, most importantly, improvised music where he has performed with many leading players. Gus formed arc in 1988 and their third album "the pursuit of happiness" was released on Emanem Records in 2009. He formed In Sand in 2004 and their first album “Whatever” came out mid 2008. Gus is part of the Brighton Safehouse collective. He has collaborated with a wide range of improvising and contemporary music players and dancers and frequently works with laptop musicians and also performs solo. “…where he differs from the average jazz bassist is in the range of sonorities he conjures from his instrument” Penguin Guide to Jazz on CD

There will be the elektrocreche available for any unaccompanied toys who will be looked after during the intervals by our professionally trained team of volunteers. And anybody else that wants to bring along a sound toy to play with.

New toys from France for the elektrocreche.

Join in and become one of the stars on the future elektrocreche compilation being recorded at every gig. You too could be on a compilation with Henry Shitmat, Shige Scotch Egg, Tony Rimbaud, DJ Cheesemaster, Monster Bobby, Dan Powell, Chris Cook, Tim Exile, Gillian Alder, Caleb ....coool.

Hosted by our very own 'Laptop' Lee Hume
Visuals by _minimalVector

The Spirit of Gravity: Still bringing you Monster Bobby since 2001. Oh yes.



les gens rient de moi parce que j'aime la musique électronique

secousse de perche de perche le wickey de wickey de pièce 


Piksel Festival 09 - :: f[re](e){op}[en]able

Piksel09 :: festival
November 19-22 2009

Piksel09 :: exhibition
Nov. 20/09 - Jan. 10/10

We are also changing the world!

- the 7th annual Piksel festival for 
- Electronic Art and Technological Freedom is on! 
- in Bergen, Norway

---> Get inspired by Exhibitions
---> Get amazed by LIVEart performances
---> Get wiser through Seminars
---> Get sustained by Workshops

Biohacking, DIY Electronics, open hardware, free software, circuit 
bending, process art, computer vision, multitouch, noise, 
alternative interfaces, live animation, sound art, light installation, 
LED art, code poetry, VGA hacking


EXHIBITIONS @ Galleri 3,14, Lydgalleriet --

David Elliott, Pall Thayer, Paul Klotz, Andreas Muxel, Martin Hesselmeier, 
Susanna Katharina Hertrich, Marie-Julie Bourgeois, Michael Day, Arjan 
Scherpenisse, Ben Woodeson, Angie Atmadjaja, Gijs Gieskes, Carlos Tricas, 
Wolfgang Spahn, Thomas Gerwin, Ricardo Oliveira Nascimento,Ebru Kurbak, 
Fabiana Shizue, Dream Addictive, Carmen Gonz?lez, Leslie Garc?a, Arnfinn 
Killingtveit, Wendy Ann Mansilla, Jordi Puig

PRESENTATIONS @ Bergen Kunstmuseum/Stenersen --

ToonLoop, Virtual Entity, REBUNTU, The Art of Seduction OR Practical Jedi 
Mindtricks OR Escaping the Matrix, Microcodes, Re-ware, Milkymist, Noise & 
Capitalism, Open Source Software Tools for creativity, Pure Data Rhythm & Bass 
Machine, Gate peepin?, The Hijmans van den Bergh building installation, OHANDA 
? Open Hardware and Design Alliance, Flock, _oneliner, Respirator, Py-Cessing, 
APODIO, Multi-Touch 360, Open Artistic Production

LIVE PERFORMANCES @ Landmark, T?rnsalen & N?steBoden --

DC12V ::Teatrino Elettrico::, Paper Cut Tales, Colour Projections, Mouth(s)? 
lecture(s), Mattin, d.R.e.G.S., noish_VS_automata, Souffles I, He boxed 
regularly and was strong and very brave and always a perfect gentleman, 
Psychoid (Ryan Jordan), MSST, Andy Bolus, The DIY drone synthesizer, Respirator, [i/o], 

WORKSHOPS @ N?stegate 42 & PikselHut --

W.O.M. ? Workshop Osc Machine, LP Atari Punk Console, The DIY drone 
synthesizer, Qeve ? Free your visuals, Hackteria | bioelectronix for artists, 
Navalha ? handcrafted hardware/software audio performance interface, CHAOSLAB, 
ToonLoop Live Animation Workshop, Enhancing Pure Data Interactivity with 
Computer Vision (Open CV), Building simple analogue light-controlled 
theremins, VGA Signals: an introduction


more info and complete programme:

Piksel09 is supported by The Norwegian Art Council, Bergen Municipality, 
Hordaland County Council, Nordic Culture Fund, Nordic Cultur Point, PNEK, BKK 
and OCA.

Piksel is an international event for artists and developers working with
Free/Libre and Open Source technologies in artistic practice.
Part workshop, part festival, it is organised in Bergen, Norway, and 
involves participants from more than a dozen countries exchanging ideas, 
coding, presenting art and software projects, doing workshops, performances 
and discussions on the aesthetics and politics of FLOSS & art.

BLOG www.piksel.no
TECH www.piksel.org
WIKI www.piksel.no/pwiki
IRC #piksel (irc.freenode.net)
LISTS www.piksel.no/pwiki/MailingLists



****New noise=noise gigs coming up in December 2009 and January 2010!!!! featuring a load of decent stuff inc., Thor Magnusson, John Wall, Jose Macabra, Berit Greinke, and loads more!!!! Full info coming soon!****

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