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Crisis Fest: Nov. 18th, Pauley Pavillion 5pm-ALL NIGHT

Monday, November 9, 2009

Crisis Fest: Call to Action

CRISIS FEST: A Space for Music, Workshops, Dance, Joy and Protest!

On November 18th, hundreds of union members and students from all over  
California will converge on UCLA in the leadup to the system-wide  
protest of the Regents meeting. With the support of union and student  
groups, there will be a day and night Tent City outside of Pauley  
Pavillion to house our convergence!

Therfore, the students of UCLA have created the CRISIS FEST: A radical  
space at Tent City to respond to the crisis with new ideas,  
experiences, anger and joy.

We recognize the broader issues shaping the crisis: privatization, and  
the economic downturn, the resegregation of the university and the  
ongoing wars abroad.

But we don't want boring colloquiums or lectures: for one night we run  
our education as self-education; we protest with fun and festivity!  
There will be music, food, workshops and communal spirits in store for  

And we want your help!

 From 5pm until (at least) Midnight, we want to fill UCLA with your  
music, poetry & spoken word, discussions, dance, visuals, videos,  
d.i.y. workshops, and literature, in addition to what we've already  
set up (and the list will only get longer).

We have discussions of the international student movement, dodgeball &  
frisbee matches, mass camping on campus (bring your own tent!), screen  
printing workshops, banner & art making, rock & traditional Mexican  
music and a General Assembly to discuss the future of the movement.


Determine your own participation. Create your own event! Email: crisisfest at gmail.com

Sign up for the Facebook Event:

If you need a bus ride to UCLA on Nov 18th, sign up here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=riU_2fY_2fwxry5LldJgrCRWaw_3d_3d 
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