[microsound-announce] The RjDj Reactive Music Forum is there!

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Nov 5 10:32:04 EST 2009

Join us at the RjDj Reactive Music Forum:


After more than a year, RjDj has developed into one of the most loved music
applications on iPod/iPhone. Literally thousands of music lovers spend hours
listening to reactive, algorithmic, generative new music generated in realtime
on their little mobile computers. Even musicians like Carl Craig dive into the
RjDj world by now.

The music of RjDj is composed with Pure Data as the RjDj composition software.
It's pretty cool to know that Pd patches are enjoyed by people around the world
in Europe, the States, Japan, wherever. 

We @ Reality Jockey felt like it would be beneficial to create a place where
the experience and creation of reactive music could be discussed, both in
relation to RjDj and beyond - so we have created a reactive music forum for
just that. 

So there it is: We're pleased to announce the opening of the "RjDj Reactive
Music Forum": http://more.rjdj.me/forum/

New Scenes available

In not totally unrelated news we also have many new Scenes available on
rjdj.me, most of them free as in beer or even speech. 

There is stuff from Japan:
http://more.rjdj.me/2009/11/03/new-scenes-from-japan/ where RjDj is becoming
big as Natto, or half a dozen new Scenes by Pd experts like Martin Brinkmann:

All this is Pd vanilla btw. :)

And of course your music could be a part of the reactive music experience as
well.  Just read http://more.rjdj.me/composer/ to see what changes you may have
to make to your existing Pd patch to tranform it into a scene for RjDj - and
then how to upload it to rjdj.me. Maybe your scene will be the next big thing? 

Frank Barknecht 

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