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# introducing nula

nula is the source of a series of filecasts, each consisting of
an assemblage of sounds, images, or words, made available for
download, sharing, commentary, and further manipulation.

the first filecast appeared in june, 2009. new files appear at
irregular intervals, and may consist of sound files, video
files, or collections of images; but not strictly limited only
to these categories.

nula filecasts generally consist of an assemblage of fragments
that form a coherent whole (an assertion that will no doubt be
tested repeatedly). fragments may consist of field recordings,
found material, (almost) forgotten cultural fragments; in short,
anything interesting may be considered fair game.

nula resists using copious wordage to describe or explain
filecast items. we prefer to let them speak for themselves as
much as possible, and that any audience that chooses to
participate will arrive at their own understanding of them.

link: http://nula.cc/

# available filecasts

55132 day train. field recording, mp3, 14 minutes.
55114 someplace else. slideshow, pdf or www, 128 images.
55095 abylai. found recording from kazakhstan, mp3, 16 minutes.
55083 in three. collage of field recordings, mp3, 15 minutes.
55060 night train. field recording, mp3, 13 minutes.
55049 underground. video, mp4, 7 minutes.
55033 forty. sound collage, mp3, 14 minutes.
55017 rather sad. composition, mp3, 15 minutes.
55005 on air. collage of field and found, mp3, 16 minutes.

link: http://nula.cc/newer

# interact with nula

- send an email to editor at nula.cc or info at nula.cc
- subscribe to the nula rss feed: http://nula.cc/xml.xml
- follow nula on twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nulacc
- show your support for nula: http://www.cafepress.com/nula
- subscribe to nula filecasts in itunes: http://bit.ly/btUqM

nula welcomes comments from visitors. comments are moderated.
send your comments about this filecast or anything about nula
to: comment at nula.cc

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