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Jeremy Bible experimedia at gmail.com
Sun Nov 1 10:53:18 EST 2009

The new release on Experimedia by Ryonkt is now available.  This will
be our last cd release of the year.  Later this month we will release
a new free release by Pangea. Our next CD release in early 2010 will
be by Aaron Martin and titled 'Worried About The Fire'.  This will be
a deluxe release, pressed cd, mastered by Taylor Deupree, in a deluxe
version of our current packaging.  More info forthcoming.  2010 is
Experimedia's 10 year anniversary.  To celebrate there will be some
special releases and events.

ryonkt - small conversations (cd)
Ryonkt's Small Conversations is a modern classical ambient masterpiece
in four lengthy movements. Soft spoken and gentle 'Small
Conversations' embodies all that ambient music is meant to be through
perfectly crafted music of delicate beauty. Ryo Nakata's work picks up
and elaborates where Eno's left. 'Small Conversations' will fit
perfectly in one's collection next to albums by Celer and Phill
Niblock. More info, samples, links, and desktop wallpapers available
at the release page.

||New mailorder titles in the shop this week.

le lendemain - fires
greg davis - midpoint

phill niblock - touch works, for hurdy gurdy and voice
biosphere - wireless: live at the arnolfini, bristol

simon scott - navigare

rameses iii - i could not love you more

aaron martin - chautauqua
heather woods broderick

peter wright - an angel fell where the kestrels hover
dirac - emphasis
tetuzi akiyama + toshimaru nakamura - semi-impressionism

fragment - is your truth carved in the sand
lily of the valley - my secret garden

celer - close proximity
entia non - disinter
hiroki sasajima - monogenic

marina rosenfeld - plastic materials
BTW... Marina Rosenfeld will be performing in Cleveland, OH at the
Cleveland Museum of Art November 13th.
see: http://clevelandart.org/afterhours

aus - light in august, later
akira kosemura - polaroid piano

expcd007 - sylvie walder - moments (last copies)
expcd008 - ian hawgood - the great allure (last copies)
expcd009 - shinobu nemoto - improvisations #1
expcd010 - offthesky + billy gomberg - flyover sound

expcd011 - ryonkt - small conversations

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