[microsound-announce] FW: Songs for Dynamical Systems

Thanos Chrysakis azimuths at freenet.co.uk
Thu May 28 11:18:35 EDT 2009

FW from Live Algorithms for Music network
>Live Algorithms Workshop and Concert 2009
>"Songs for Dynamical Systems"
>LAM in collaboration with the Centre for Electronic Media Arts,
>Melbourne, will host a concert on Thursday 6th August at Cafe Oto,
>London, involving a series of duets between autonomous improvising
>software agents (Live Algorithms) and human instrumental performers.
>Instrumental musicians, computer musicians, and programmers with a
>background in signal processing or artificial intelligence are
>invited to participate in the construction of Live Algorithms for the
>The Concert
>The concert will be at Cafe Oto on August 6th 2009. It will consist
>of a series of short improvised performances. Each improvisation will
>last between 5 and 10 minutes and will involve a single instrumental
>musician performing a duet with a computer program. The computer will
>only be able to interact with the musician through audio (mono in and
>stereo out), and must not be controlled in any way. It should attempt
>to engage the instrumental musician in a meaningful interaction, but
>without any limitation on how the appropriateness of this interaction
>is defined. In particular, we hope to explore explicitly 'artificial'
>styles of musicianship. We will record and document the concert and
>will gather feedback from audience and participants. As well as the
>improvisations planned in the workshop, the concert will also include
>other performances relevant to the theme.
>The Workshop
>A hands-on workshop will run from August 3rd to 5th at Goldsmiths
>College (the three days running up to the concert) where participants
>will bring together their expertise, ideas and existing software to
>develop the Live Algorithms that will be used in the concert. This is
>an opportunity to explore modular approaches to building Live
>Algorithms, and to develop Live Algorithms concepts with
>collaborations with specific musicians in mind. Above all it is an
>opportunity to work collaboratively and share ideas in this field. We
>will set up a mailing list for participants to discuss ideas and
>share software prior to the workshop, so that the 3 days can be
>focused on finalising designs.
>Frameworks for Building Live Algorithms
>Our approach will attempt to put into practice Blackwell and Young's
>modular breakdown of Live Algorithms into analysis, patterning and
>synthesis elements, with simple communication layers between these
>elements. Participants can focus on one of these areas and work
>collaboratively with others to create the overall Live Algorithms.
>This can be achieved using existing general purpose protocols such as
>OSC. We will also provide a realtime audio framework written in the
>Java language that allows rapid prototyping of Live Algorithms (see
>The workshop and concert are being organised by Ollie Bown and Tim
>Blackwell. We will be joined by Eddie Prévost, an experienced and
>influential improviser and teacher, and founder member and long
>standing member of the group AMM. Other special guests TBC. The
>workshop will involve between 10 and 20 additional participants.
>How to Participate
>The workshop is free, but places are limited and subject to
>experience, given that participants are expected to contribute to the
>performance. Those interested should submit a short one page
>application (to ollie at icarus.nu) by June 16th, describing previous
>experience, skills, and what they plan to contribute to the concert
>(e.g., an entire system or experience in a particular area such as
>audio analysis). Musicians should try to include links to musical
>material (particularly improvised works) where relevant.

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