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** *[rr008] Whisky Club Ensemble - "Waking Up The Sun"*

During one of the first nights of April AD2009 a group connected with
Charles Bukowski’s Whisky Club performed cacophonic ritual of waking up the
sun on the top of mountain X over the bay Y. The ritual – strongly
influenced by Slavic neo-paganism – is a form of reuniting with Nature
glorified by sounds and lets the cosmic energies flow through participators,
their ideas & their music. All emotions of these moments flew out unimpeded
through instruments in an easygoing jam session in unusual circumstances of
nature. Edited version of what was played during that event - of which
successors will be speaking in poems for a long long time after – is track
presented here: digital clash of psycho-folk and way-too-free jazz made from
original recordings with a sense of humor typical for Recycling Records. Or
maybe it all never happened...

Track can be downloaded from:

or listen at
and at

We'd like to add that the band was established and recordings & mix made
being sober. Charles Bukowski's Whisky Club promotes culture of moderate and
responsible ways of enjoying alcohol.

Recycled greetings

Mateusz Krawczyk
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