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There is nothing inherent in a tool or a technology that will make the results of using it necessarily and beforehand trivial and of little interest. That is why there is no reason whatsoever that not - maybe soon, maybe later - someone will produce a masterpiece using Twitter ... 
But then someone has to do it ... And if someone has to 'draw' that Twitter masterwork, well,  then why not me? ... 
So follow me @meesterwerk, follow me @meesterstuk ... 

[ permalink : http://www.harsmedia.com/SoundBlog/Archief/00673.php ]--Have a great day!__ Harold Schellinx--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------This week, join us in Brussels, Louvain or Maastricht ... !
'A Table !' (McJJ and Har$)Post-alter free style exercises, dedicated to Daniel Spoerri
* wednesday may 6th , 20h- Café DADA, 34 rue de la Violette, 1000 BRUSSELS (Belgium)* thursday may 7th , 20h- C.C. Oratoriënhof, Mechelsestraat 111, 3000 LEUVEN/LOUVAIN (Belgium)* friday may 8th , 22h- ArtSpace Rondeel, Het Rondeel 2, MAASTRICHT (the Netherlands)
[ ¨Petit Tour De Table, Grande Bouffe" ]--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Reminder for Rhizome.org members !
ookoi this summer will work on a release of their forthcoming "WINTERLAND" album in the form of a free interactive iPhone application ... We entered this year's commission competition at Rhizome's as a means to ensure part of the funding needed for this project. 
Thank you for viewing and voting for ookoi's proposal !
[ Follow ookoi @ twitter.com ! ]
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