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evabrendax at basebog.it evabrendax at basebog.it
Sat May 2 05:35:29 EDT 2009

Once upon a time
people who where listening to experimental, audio acoustic, avant garde and
now defined sound art, electronica 
were interested in all the fields electronica was expressing itself
for what regards me i don-t listen to techno or house anymore, and i go on
reviewing experimental
electronica. at the same time i like to dance and I KNOW it-s not easy for
friends to listen to microsound music. i 
tried many time to put together socialisation and microsound and it-s not
working that much. i like clubbing every 
once in a while, because i think it-s important to have fun
bill, i don-t know your music though
i-ll try the IDM list perhaps,
thanks anyhow

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From: Bill Jarboe billjarboe at earthlink.net
Date: Fri, 1 May 2009 14:02:53 -0700
To: evabrendax at basebog.it
Subject: Re: [microsound-announce] BARCELONA

You did ask for advice....

  -perhaps book your own show with an opening act:

   thanks and sorry for mistakes

   these spanish keyboards are crazy

    (Eva is also a nice name)

   -just go about accomplishing only louder.

  (I'll have to think about that one: find birthday party,  
socialites , fashion designer?)


On May 1, 2009, at 12:13 PM, evabrendax at basebog.it wrote:

> Hello
> I´m staying in Barcelona till monday and I´d like to go to some  
> club where
> they provide GOOD electronica, or go to
> listen to a live set.
> please give me some advice¡¡¡¡
> thanks and sorry for mistakes these spanish keyboards are crazy
> Eva

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