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Lawrence English | it's up to us to live | cd sirr 0032

Could the new Sirr release be more appropriate to the moment?

To celebrate David' birth some days ago, it is again available the  
offer: buy one and get two

Lawrence English | it's up to us to live | cd sirr 0032

This work unfolds and reveals Lawrence's delicate sense of textural  
while exploring densities and flows "only offering the occasionally  
to surface for air". A mesmerizing work where the sounds "emanate from
distant calls of guitar, sharply cracked electronics, alien field  
and a variety of other less identifiable sources." The cover art is by
renowned Australian photographer Marian Drew, from her 'Still Lives'  


The quickly rising star of Lawrence English delivers another musical
baby.(...) English offers us a seven course dinner with a carefully  
meal. The microsound of before seems to be left behind, if only  
partly, and
to be replaced by a more heavy approach. The odd linkage between metal
guitar music and microsound - hearing is believing. It can be done, and
English does it.
(Vital Weekly, NL)

Seven tracks of quite fascinating and thickened sound; the
occasionally-melodic electronic music is supplemented with hazy guitar
plucks and strums, the latter sometimes delivered by the pink digits of
axe-wielding Benjamin Thompson. This moving music is far less wispy  
than we
usually associate with the minimal Lawrence, with track titles that  
hint at
missed opportunities and pleas for compassion in a friendless world.  
If we
fail to hear his call for a renewed humanity, perhaps we’ll end up  
like the
dead birds that are painted on the covers with such unforgiving detail  
artist Marian Drew; beautiful in appearance, but lifeless. The image  
of the
dead parrot (no Monty Python jokes please), arrayed without  
explanation on a
white napkin with a single apple, is particularly affecting.
(Sound Projector, UK)

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