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In celebration of the 20 year history of Auricular Records, the
experimental/soundart record label is announcing plans to create a
sister label, Ambit Din. With the new label Auricular Records aims to
explore and provide a vehicle for the release of a new canvas of
soundart focused on field recordings. There will be four separate
divisions to Ambit Din in order to properly classify the releases:

    ethnikos - a way to document oral presentations and ethnomusicology

    naturae - aimed at the collection of environmental recordings and bioacoustics

    envirounen - audio documentation of environments such as workplaces and cityscapes

    arte - avant-garde, experimental and ambient music projects utilizing field recordings as the source material

Initially, there are plans to release a small number of compilations
that include recordings from each categorization together to serve as
an overall introduction to the label. Releases will be limited, hand
numbered editions.

We are actively seeking artists interested in participating - anyone
interested can contact Ambit Din through Auricular Records at info at
auricular dot com or read over our submission guidelines.

Call for Submissions

General Information

Auricular Audio Magazine is a series of experimental, ambient, soundart
music compilations with a unique 20 year history featuring a worldwide
roster of musicians. The releases will be available as both CDr and
digital distribution through popular online sites (iTunes, Amazon,
Rhapsody etc etc).


There is no deadline as the production of Auricular Audio Magazine volumes will be ongoing.

Media Qualifications

We will accept media of any length, however, if your piece is more than
15 minutes we might (but might not) ask you to edit the piece or
resubmit an excerpt of the song. The desired length of each piece is
approximately 6-15 minutes long but we do make exceptions - sometimes
even absurd ones. For full length release submissions track length is
limited to 70 mins or what will fit on a CD.

Your submission may include artwork, slideshows, short films, digital
media files (essays, flash files, documents). The releases will be
available as Hybrid CDr (digital media and audio) when necessary but
non-audio submissions will not be available in digitally distributed
versions - we will build a web component for each release and include
this material when possible for purchasers of the digital download

Media Use and Changes

We reserve the right to master your piece before we publish it. If we
require any "edits" we will ask you to do them. You retain all
copyrights and ownership to your songs. Therefore, you must own your
songs to submit them.

Submission Formats and Guidelines

Physical Submission Format

To be kind to the earth - we prefer digital submissions (contact us for
more info)...Please clearly mark your submsission with your artist
name, the names of the songs, and the order of the songs.

Include a required cover sheet. It must have, at a minimum:

    * These words: "Submission Auricular Audio Magazine"

    * Your project name

    * Your name

    * Your city

    * Your phone number, address or email address

    * The members of your project, and "positions"

    * Your signature and the date

Also, you may include other optional information:

    * A Tracklist

    * Song Lengths

    * Song BPMs (beats per minute)

    * Musical Genres

    * Influences

    * History

    * Website

We accept submissions on CD (audio or data), or AIFF/WAV/MP3/digital format (http, ftp, email).

URGENT MP3 submission note: Do not encode your MP3's at 128kbps. This
is inadequate for CD-Quality. You should encode your song at an
absolute minimum of 256kbps. If your encoder has a "quality" setting,
put in on the BEST quality setting.

What Do you Get Out of the Deal

In exchange for a piece released on the compilation you will receive many tangible benefits.

    * Your song and credits on a CD

    * Exposure to many like-minded fans

    * Exposure to other artists who share your interests

    * Exposure to industry contacts

    * Three free copies for your collection

* Ability to purchase as many copies as you like at $3.00/each
orderable at any time within the first year after the release date of
the compilation

    * Your band and music will be showcased on our web site

    * Digital distribution

If there are any radio stations that support your band or distributors
that you would like to carry the compilation you appear on please do
not hesitate to send us whatever information you can and we will try
our best to get the release into the hands of anyone who will promote
it. This includes local clubs, radio stations, retailers, distributors
or anywhere else people might be interested.

Contact and Submission

For more information or to obtain address or ftp site access for submission of tracks contact info at auricular dot com

Demos can be sent to:

Auricular Records, Los Gatos Studios

18400 Overlook Road, #48

Los Gatos, CA 94030

info at auricular dot com 
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