[microsound-announce] Io Records Presents: Hardware Experiments Vol 1 & Devolutions Vol 1

RJ Valeo rjvaleo at gmail.com
Thu Mar 19 12:05:42 EDT 2009

Greetings -

I have recently re-launched my own record label, Io Records (http://www.io-records.com 
), as a digital label distributed primarily by Boomkat (http://www.boomkat.com 
). The label will be focusing on releasing my experimental and non- 
dance floor works, works from the Transelectronic Archive (http://www.transelectronic.net 
), as well as select musicians who fit the esthetic of Io Records.  
Currently scheduled artists are Baye & Connor Long [aka Khonnor].

Below are the links to Boomkat, and for those that are click- 
challenged, the Boomkat review as well of the current releases.

Title: Richard J Valeo - Hardware Excursions Volume One
Release info: http://transelectronic.net/v2/archives/294
Boomkat link: http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=167034

Boomkat Review:
"Returning under his own name after recent activity as Isomer  
Transition, Type's very excellent RJ Valeo resumes more experimental  
duties, momentarily setting aside his preoccupations with techno  
formats. Hardware Excursions Vol. 1 finds the New York producer  
exploring deep and extended freeform synthesizer explorations, at time  
bordering on drone or even outright noise. You can hear a bit of a sci- 
fi influence creeping into the music, with combining elements of low  
frequency, motor-like oscillations and higher pitched, modulated bird- 
like timbres making up the largest part of Valeo's minimalist sound  
palette. Structurally these pieces are very liberated, unburdening  
themselves from anything that might be termed 'form' right up until  
the distorted industrial rhythm that fires up towards the end of  
'Excursion Two'. The result is 16 minutes of dense, surprising and  
immersive electronic music of the highest order. Very highly  

Title: Richard J Valeo - Devolutions Volume One
Release info: http://transelectronic.net/v2/archives/296
Boomkat link: http://www.boomkat.com/item.cfm?id=167098&highlight=167107

Boomkat Review
"After last week's Hardware Excursions, RJ Valeo sustains his  
experimental outlook with this selection of masterfully realised micro- 
drones. The interchange between extreme high frequencies and deep,  
steady-handed industrial tones on 'Construct 05' immediately brings to  
mind Richard Chartier's highly disciplined sound world, but these  
compositions also move towards more extrovert territory, harbouring  
shadows of half-melodies and flourishes of fractured circuitry. These  
more exploratory releases find Valeo in glorious form - let's hope  
that he continues to pursue this beatless direction for a good while  
longer yet..."


Io Records Q1 & Q2 2009 Release Schedule

Richard J Valeo - Programmatic Responses

Richard J Valeo - Devolutions Volume Two
RJ Valeo - Sunrise (Boomkat Edition)

Spring / Summer 2009
Richard J Valeo - Days (as featured in The Wire Tapper)
Richard J Valeo - The Basement Tapes
Baye - The Spandrel
Connor Long (aka Khonnor) - The Untitled Release


Demos & Submissions

We are currently open to hearing your works, so get in touch if you  
are interested.


Thanks for you valuable time.

All the best -

RJ Valeo

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