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The old tape machine on the table made me feel like Krapp. I walked up the stage carrying the Grundig TK20 like it were a valise and put it down. I plugged the tape recorder into a socket, and unlocked and lifted its cover. I blew off some of the dust that over the years it had collected. When I then turned the large switch to set it in motion, I found myself mumbling the old man's memorable first words in that fabulous monologue by Samuel Beckett: "Box . . . thrree . . . spool . . . five .... Spool! .... Spooool! ..."
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And here' s a gentle reminder of our not-to-be-missed program this weekend, for those of you in or near Paris, France:
Friday march 13th - "La Triple Entente"Simultaneous concert by three EAI groups: DIKTAT, NOZAL CUBE and LA BROCANTE SONORE will play at the same time, set up inside the space of the wonderful COMETE 347, in the heart of the city ...Be there at 20h30 / € 7,--address: La Comète 347 - 45, rue du Faubourg du Temple (fond de la cour) - Paris X
Saturday march 14th - "Petit Paris: das kleine in Paris"First Parisian edition of das kleine fieldrecordings festival , the renowned running festival organised and curated by Rinus van Alebeek, dedicated to the divers ways in which artists make use of  fieldrecordings ... With presentations by Gaël Segallen, Emmanuel Mieville, Julie la Rousse, Rébus et Kim Joeun, Jean-Philippe Renoult, Seth Cluett ...From: 17h - 21h / € 5,--address: Radio Aligre FM - 42 rue de Montreuil - Paris XI (m° Nation / Rue des Boulets)
--Have a great day!__ Harold Schellinx
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